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Tapread started a novel-writing competition called TapRead’s 2020 Vision contest with the first prize of $1000. The completion started on October 16th and will end on Dec 16th.

The competition is mainly to build a community of English speaking authors. They are mostly looking for long-term potential English authors.


Along with the $1000, $500, $300, and $100 cash money prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and 5th positions respectively, the winners will also be offered a long term contract.


The author should have uploaded at least 5k words before the end of the competitions. All requirements are given below.

  1. At least 5K words of content submitted before 23:59, 16th Dec (PST)
  2. Content must be your own original work and adhere to TapRead’s terms of service
  3. Fluent English skills

Judging Standards

From what I have seen with the Webnovel, they usually chose the authors who can write 300+ chapters with each chapter 1200 to 2000 words. I think this will be same in case for Tapread. Hence, do try to have a good and long outline for the story.

The judging standards of Tapread are given below:

  • High user engagement
  • Fast-paced stories with long-term potential
  • Attention to continuity, grammar, and pacing
  • Appeal to a global audience

If you have questions regarding the competition, read their FAQ.

I suggest you read all the rules and information about the competition before applying.

More information about the completion: Click Here

Go Apply Right NOW Before Its too LATE!!

About Tapread:

If you don’t know about Tapread, Tapread is a novel translation site similar to Webnovel. They both translate Chinese Novels into English. They have their own novel sites in China. While Webnovel translates most of its novels from Qidian, Tapread translates its novels from Zongheng.

Tapread is a new site in the translation community and is not as popular as Webnovel. Hence, to attract more readers to their site, they have hosted a novel-writing competition according to my opinion.

Some of the most Popular translated Chinese Novels on Tapread are:

  1. Against the Gods
  2. Godly Stay-Home Dad (Buy on Amazon)
  3. The Immortal Emperor returns

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