28 Best Romance Manhwas To Make Your Heart Flutter

Love stories never get old, which is why romance remains one of the most popular genres in manhwa, the South Korean comics that have captured hearts worldwide. But with countless romance manhwas out there, it can be hard to know where to begin your journey into these emotional and evocative tales.

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We have gathered a list of the most popular manhwa romance titles for you to explore.

These romantic manhwas cover everything from historical love to school crushes to supernatural affairs. Get ready to laugh, cry, and swoon over the best romance manhwas that you must add to your reading list.

Best Romance Manhwa/Webtoon

Best Romance Manhwa

Something About Us

Something About Us

Something About Us follows the childhood friends Gayoung and Woojin, who have grown up together and now find the lines blurred between best friends and potential lovers.

Key points:

  • Friends-to-lovers romantic dynamic
  • Explores the relationship between extroverted Woojin and introverted Gayoung
  • Lots of sweet, feel-good moments between the leads
  • Deals with Woojin being away for military service, straining their bond
  • Great for fans of wholesome romances and slice-of-life plots

Overall, this completed romance manhwa is praised for its natural relationship progression, likable leads, and heartwarming depiction of a close male-female friendship developing into something more. The simplicity and humor make it an easy, enjoyable read.

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Her Tale of Shim Chong

Her Tale of Shim Chong

Her Tale of Shim Chong follows the beautiful romance between Shim Chong, a beggar, and the soon-to-be bride of Chancellor Jang, a rich, powerful man. From the moment Shim saves the other woman from drowning in the river, the chemistry between them is incredible, even if they deny it.

Some key points:

  • LGBTQ+ romance between two women
  • Based on a classic Korean folktale
  • Focuses on the star-crossed relationship between Shim Chong and the Chancellor’s bride
  • Lots of captivating lore and backstory
  • Praised for its representation and wholesome depiction of love

Overall, it’s considered one of the best LGBTQ+ romance manhwas with an engaging story and characters based on a timeless folk tale. The historical setting and mystical elements make this a unique and compelling read.

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olgami manhwa

Trapped follows the supernatural romance between Chae-a, a foul-mouthed former convict, and Yunsu, a vampire who blackmails Chae-a into working for him.

Key points:

  • Enemies-to-lovers dynamic between the leads
  • Chae-a is a strong, defiant female protagonist
  • Yunsu is an ancient, powerful vampire
  • Lots of captivating lore and worldbuilding
  • Slow-burn romance with dramatic tension

This ongoing manhwa has garnered many devoted fans for its dark, Gothic vibe and tense cat-and-mouse dynamic between Chae-a and Yunsu. Their chemistry is palpable despite their outward disdain for each other. With vivid art and an addictive plot spanning over 160 chapters so far, Trapped is considered a must-read vampire romance manhwa.

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Winter Before Spring

Winter Before Spring webtoon

Winter Before Spring is a school life drama that follows the relationship between two high school girls, Hana and Yura. Hana has a crush on her popular best friend Yura, which is revealed accidentally during a confrontation with bullies. To Hana’s surprise, Yura reciprocates her feelings.

Key points:

  • Girl’s love story between Hana and Yura
  • Set in a high school with typical teen drama
  • Hana is a timid, bullied girl while Yura is popular
  • Explores the difficulties of LGBTQ relationships
  • Melodramatic tone with lots of interpersonal conflicts

Fans praise this ongoing manhwa for its portrayal of young romance and the real struggles many LGBTQ students face. The messy relationship between the leads and their circle of friends makes for an engaging, oftentimes frustrating read as they navigate love, jealousy, and acceptance.

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Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade webtoon

Orange Marmalade is set in a world where vampires exist but face discrimination from humans. It follows vampire girl Mari Baek as she attends a human high school and falls for the most popular boy, who also happens to hate vampires.

Key points:

  • Unique twist on vampire stories and lore
  • Mari struggles with hiding her true vampire identity
  • Explores prejudice and societal fears of “the other”
  • Sweet high school romance complicated by secrets
  • Mari must choose between confessing the truth or admiring her crush from afar

Fans praise Orange Marmalade for putting a fresh spin on vampire fiction and using the human-vampire conflict to tackle real social issues. Mari is a sympathetic, nuanced protagonist trying to find her place in the world. The bittersweet young romance makes this a poignant read.

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The Love Doctor

The Love Doctor

The Love Doctor follows a college student named Jung Erae who is hopeless at relationships and love. In desperation, she contacts a love doctor online, only to develop feelings for the female doctor she’s consulting.

Key points:

  • Girl’s love story between Erae and her love doctor
  • Erae is naive while the doctor is experienced
  • Lighthearted story about a clueless girl’s first love
  • Explores LGBTQ relationships in a college setting
  • Features a love triangle/quadrangle

This humorous GL manhwa is praised for its gorgeous art style, captivating character expressions, and thoughtful portrayal of an inexperienced girl navigating love and sexuality. The sweet love story avoids heavy drama, making it an easy, feel-good read.

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Positively Yours

Positively Yours comics

Positively Yours begins with a one-night stand between Jiwon and Suh Hyun, resulting in an unexpected pregnancy. Despite barely knowing each other, they decide to take responsibility and raise the child together.

Key points:

  • Explores a relationship that starts from a one-night stand
  • Jiwon is a strong, independent woman
  • Suh Hyun is more passive and introspective
  • Focuses on the joys and struggles of pregnancy and parenthood
  • Heartwarming story about two adults committed to their child

This completed manhwa has been praised for its pragmatic and mature take on accidental pregnancy. Jiwon and Suh Hyun have excellent chemistry, and watching their awkward relationship blossom into a family is both funny and touching. The light drama and slice-of-life tone make this a refreshing read.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter follows the complicated relationship between two boys – Haebom, an orphaned outcast, and Taeseung, the wealthy and popular childhood friend who now seems to dislike Haebom.

Key points:

  • Bl (boys’ love) story between Haebom and Taeseung
  • Explores class differences and the stigma of poverty
  • Focuses on the characters’ traumatic pasts and emotional wounds
  • Enemies to friends to lovers dynamic
  • Gorgeous seasonal art style

This emotional, character-driven BL manhwa has earned praise for tackling heavy themes like grief, abuse, and social inequality with nuance and care. The bittersweet love story between two damaged people unfolds slowly through 5 seasons. Fans laud the beautiful artwork and humanizing approach to the characters.

My Gently Raised Beast

My Gently Raised Beast

My Gently Raised Beast is a fantasy romance that offers a new take on the classic “Beauty and the Beast” story. It follows a young girl named Nari who finds and befriends a frightening beast-like creature named Suri.

Key points:

  • Creative reimagining of a fairy tale romance
  • Suri has a beastly appearance but a gentle heart
  • Explores themes of acceptance and finding one’s identity
  • Nari’s kindness helps Suri open up emotionally
  • Sweet, slow-burning love story develops over time

Readers praise this manhwa for its whimsical storytelling and endearing lead characters. Nari and Suri have infectious chemistry, and watching their tentative friendship blossom into more is heartwarming. With its uplifting themes and lavish fantasy art, My Gently Raised Beast captures the magic of fairy tales.

Heesu In Class 2

Heesu In Class 2

Heesu in Class 2 is a lighthearted BL story about the shy Heesu’s unrequited crush on his outgoing best friend and classmate Chanyoung.

Key points:

  • Classic BL setup of a quiet boy pining after his oblivious male friend
  • Set in a high school, follows day-to-day life and drama
  • Heesu listens to Chanyoung’s girl troubles while hiding his own feelings
  • Sweet, simple story with little unnecessary drama
  • Focus on comedy and the main characters‘ friendship

This feel-good manhwa has been praised for its adorable character designs, humorous situational comedy, and understated portrayal of one-sided love. Heesu is an instantly relatable protagonist, making this nostalgic school story a comforting read for BL romance fans.

Ohh La La!

Ohh La La! manhwa

Ohh La La! is a lighthearted friends-to-lovers story about childhood friends Gomyung and Minhan, who start off disinterested in romance but eventually develop feelings for each other.

Key points:

  • Minimal drama mostly focuses on the joys of the relationship
  • Gomyung and Minhan have an easy, comfortable rapport
  • Their dynamic is playful and humorous like an old married couple
  • Showcases all the fun, silly moments of being in love
  • Short completed manhwa perfect for fans seeking something uplifting

This manhwa stands out for its casual depiction of a stable, mature relationship between equals. There’s no romanticized drama, just two people organically transitioning from best friends to lovers. The genuine chemistry between the leads makes this a feel-good read.

Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer manhwa

Our Beloved Summer follows ex-lovers Choi Ung and Kim Yeon-su, who broke up years ago but are now reunited to film a documentary about their high school days.

Key points:

  • Second chance romance between exes
  • Explores Ung and Yeon-su’s past relationship and bitter breakup
  • The two have opposing personalities – Ung is a slacker, and Yeon-su is responsible
  • Beautiful slice-of-life artwork and cityscapes
  • Nostalgic, melancholy tone with moments of humor

This completed manhwa has earned praise for its emotional depth and nuanced exploration of disillusioned love and personal growth. Ung and Yeon-su have palpable chemistry, and watching them reconnect is a cathartic journey. Fans love the realism and bittersweetness.

Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap follows the relationship between Yoo Jung, a seemingly perfect college student who hides a dark side, and Hong Seol, a kind-hearted girl struggling through college life.

Key points:

  • Romance mixed with psychological suspense
  • Explores the hypocrisy and danger beneath a handsome facade
  • Seol is down-to-earth while Jung is wealthy and manipulative
  • Set at a university with realistic slice-of-life drama
  • Subtle, tense psychological game between the leads

This manhwa is highly praised for its nuanced character writing and gripping psychological tension. Seol and Jung have electric chemistry, whether clashing or finding understanding. The messy cast and college setting further enhance the manhwa’s draw as an addictive drama.

Edit: One of my favorites, I love both manhwa and drama.

See You In My 19th Life

See You In My 19th Life webtoon

See You In My 19th Life follows Ban Ji-eum, a girl who remembers all her past lives and is searching for her soulmate from her 18th life.

Key points:

  • Reincarnation is a key plot device
  • Ji-eum tries to reconnect with lost love of her 18th lifetime
  • Blends romance, comedy, and mystery genres
  • Strong, determined female lead character
  • Explores fate, destiny, and impermanence

This ongoing manhwa has been lauded for its fresh take on the reincarnation trope and surprisingly feel-good tone. Ji-eum is an endearing protagonist, and her journey to find her star-crossed lover intrigues and invests readers. The pacing, humor, and mix of genres also attract praise.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? follows the narcissistic VP of a company, Young-joon, and his competent longtime secretary, Mi-so, who abruptly quits her job.

Key points:

  • Office romance between boss and secretary
  • Explores why Mi-so is suddenly leaving her job
  • Young-joon is arrogant and oblivious to Mi-so at first
  • Witty, humorous portrayal of a spoiled man in love
  • Adapted into a hit K-drama series

This manhwa is beloved for its hilarious lead duo – the conceited Young-joon is continuously vexed by Mi-so’s indifference to him. Watching their tense office relationship evolve into romance is entertaining. The manhwa balances laugh-out-loud moments with emotional character growth.

Villains Are Destined To Die

Villains Are Destined To Die manhwa fantasy romance

Villains Are Destined to Die follows Amelia, who finds herself reincarnated as the villainess in a fantasy novel and must avoid her doomed fate.

Key points:

  • Isekai story where the protagonist is reincarnated into a novel
  • Amelia must outwit her predetermined villainous destiny
  • Blends romance, drama, and fantasy genres
  • Subverts common “reincarnated as a villainess” tropes
  • Features a determined, clever female lead

This manhwa has been praised for putting an intelligent spin on the villainess reincarnation premise. Amelia endears herself to readers with her pragmatic, no-nonsense attitude in navigating twisted palace politics and romance. With ample twists and turns, Villains Are Destined to Die brings an exciting fresh take to isekai fiction.

Who Made Me A Princess

Who Made Me A Princess

Who Made Me a Princess follows Athanasia, a young woman who dies in modern times and finds herself reincarnated as the daughter of an icy emperor in a fantasy world.

Key points:

  • Isekai story about a woman reborn into a novel’s world
  • Athanasia must navigate palace life and her father’s coldness
  • Eventual romance with a knight who becomes her ally
  • Blends fantasy, drama, comedy, and romance
  • subverts stereotypical isekai tropes

This immensely popular OI (original English isekai) manhwa has been praised for its creative twist on the reincarnation genre and ability to defy clichés. Athanasia is a refreshingly kind heroine who tries to improve life in the palace. The sweet slow-burn romance adds to the draw for fans.

I Shall Master This Family

I Shall Master This Family manhwa romance

I Shall Master This Family follows Tia, a woman who is reincarnated into a novel as a side character and decides to take control of her fate by becoming the head of the ruined family.

Key points:

  • Another “reincarnated into a novel” isekai manhwa
  • Tia uses her knowledge of the novel to change the plot
  • Determined and intelligent female lead character
  • Blends romance, drama, and a takeover story
  • Subverts assumptions for this premise/genre

Many praises this manhwa for putting a fresh spin on the reincarnation trope with a fiercely independent heroine who bucks traditions to restore her family. Tia is very likable and proactive. The way she cunningly navigates romance and politics makes for an unpredictable, addictive read.

Seasons Of Blossom

Seasons Of Blossom

Seasons of Blossom is a lighthearted high school romance following the relationship between Oh Ha-na, a cheerful tomboy, and Lee Se-jun, the quiet boy she befriends who has a secret.

Key points:

  • Cute high school romance story
  • Ha-na’s bubbly personality contrasts with Se-jun’s stoicism
  • Explores friendship developing into romantic feelings
  • Heartwarming first love story with fun slice-of-life drama
  • Se-jun hides a past mental health struggle

This manhwa stands out for its optimism and emotional honesty. Ha-na is an energetic ball of sunshine while Se-jun’s gentle sincerity makes him very endearing. Their sweet, innocent romance has touched many readers’ hearts. Overall, a feel-good read about friendship and young love.

Spirit Fingers

Spirit Fingers manhwa

Spirit Fingers is an uplifting story about a shy girl named Amy who joins her school’s drawing club and slowly opens up through her love of art. She also develops feelings for the club president, Khito.

Key points:

  • Coming-of-age story with a slice-of-life feel
  • Explores Amy’s personal growth through art
  • Cute high school romance between Amy and Khito
  • Positive messages about self-love and being yourself
  • Lighthearted tone with lots of humor

This manhwa has been praised for its vibrant artwork and ability to deliver feel-good life lessons without being preachy. Watching introverted Amy gain confidence through art is heartwarming. The budding romance with Khito adds sweetness to this touching story about discovering one’s passions.

After School Lessons for Unripe Apples

After School Lessons for Unripe Apples

After School Lessons for Unripe Apples is a coming-of-age romance that follows the relationships between a group of students – shy boy Woo-sung, eccentric Mice, playboy Seong-ho, and more.

Key points:

  • Set at a high school and focuses on multiple character perspectives
  • Explores romance and friendship with sensitivity and realism
  • Beautiful, expressive character art and visual storytelling
  • Thoughtful portrayal of teens navigating relationships and identity
  • Masterful balance of comedy and serious moments

This unique manhwa is acclaimed for its vibrant art, empathy, and thoughtful insights into young adulthood. The diverse cast allows for a multidimensional exploration of love, friendship, and maturity. After School Lessons for Unripe Apples touches readers with its whimsical yet relatable approach.

The Maid and The Vampire

The Maid and The Vampire manhwa

The Maid and the Vampire follows Areum, a human girl who becomes a maid in a mansion belonging to Millard, a vampire lord. Though initially afraid, she comes to see his gentle side.

Key points:

  • Unlikely romance between a human and vampire
  • Explores the master-servant dynamic
  • Millard hides his caring nature beneath a cold exterior
  • Lighthearted story with lots of fluff and sweetness
  • Areum’s kindness chips away at Millard’s barriers

This manhwa stands out for its soft, wholesome depiction of an unusual cross-species romance. Watching Areum and Millard’s affection for each other slowly grow through everyday interactions is adorable. With endearing characters and a comforting tone, this vampire love story delivers heartwarming romance.

King’s Maker: Triple Crown

King’s Maker: Triple Crown

King’s Maker: Triple Crown is a fantasy political BL manhwa about Shin Soohyuk, a prophet, and Kang Eunseom, a warrior prince. Shin prophesies that Eunseom will one day become king.

Key points:

  • Boys’ love story with a historical fantasy setting
  • Explores politics, war, and prophecy
  • Eunseom is rough around the edges while Shin is refined
  • Captivating story with games of strategy and power
  • Attractive character designs and art

This manhwa stands out for blending royal intrigue and complex worldbuilding with romantic tension between the leads. Shin and Eunseom have great chemistry, especially as Eunseom learns to trust Shin. The storytelling deftly balances action, drama, and romance. An engrossing BL epic.

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

This manhwa follows Raeliana, a young woman who dies in an accident and awakens in the body of a villainess character in a romance novel. She decides to pretend to be the duke’s fiancée in order to avoid her doomed fate.

Key points:

  • Isekai story about a woman reborn as a novel character
  • Raeliana uses her meta knowledge to outmaneuver death
  • Political intrigue and scheming in a historical aristocratic setting
  • Endearing love story between Raeliana and the cold duke
  • Great balance of romance, drama, and a touch of action

Readers praise how Raeliana confidently carves her own path using cleverness rather than typical villainess schemes. Her growing relationship with the duke is a highlight, as their mutual understanding blossoms through elegant storytelling. An engaging isekai tale.

The Remarried Empress

The Remarried Empress

The Remarried Empress follows Empress Navier, who is cast aside by her husband, the emperor when he decides to take a new wife. Rather than fade into the background, Navier boldly moves forward to claim her own happiness.

Key points:

  • Set in a vivid fantasy world with imperial intrigue
  • Navier maneuvers politically after her divorce
  • She builds new relationships on her terms
  • Blends romance, drama, and revenge storylines
  • Praised for its capable, dignified female lead

This manhwa stands out for Navier’s calculated power moves and determination to thrive independently after heartbreak. Her intelligent evolution from victim to empress in her own right makes her an impressive lead. With elegant art and a compelling storyline, The Remarried Empress is a top-tier romance fantasy manhwa.

Surviving Romance

Surviving Romance manhwa webtoon

Surviving Romance follows the employee Yoo Si-Ah, who gets trapped in an alternate world inside a romance novel and encounters the stoic male lead, Park Seo-Joon. To get home, she has to survive life in the novel.

Key points:

  • Isekai fantasy where the FL enters a romance novel
  • Blends romance, comedy, and horror genres
  • FL and ML have an uneasy, untrusting dynamic
  • Ongoing story with over 160 chapters so far
  • Gorgeous gothic-style art

This manhwa has earned praise for its unpredictable tone shifting between romantic comedy and horror thriller. Watching the cynical FL struggle to navigate her new reality and wary ML is fun and suspenseful. With vivid art and an addictive plot, Surviving Romance puts an engrossing spin on isekai romance fiction.

You at First Sight

You at First Sight

You at First Sight is an emotional supernatural romance following Yechan, a girl who can see people’s thoughts but not faces. However, she can see the face of a mysterious boy, drawing her to him.

Key points:

  • Supernatural element adds a unique twist
  • Explores fate and emotional connections
  • Melancholy, bittersweet tone
  • Gorgeous stylized visuals
  • Completed manhwa with over 90 chapters

This manhwa is praised for its poignant storytelling and enchanting artwork. Yechan is an intriguing heroine, and her connection with the nameless boy tugs at readers’ heartstrings. You at First Sight balances subtle magic realism with grounded character drama, making for an immersive reading experience. A hidden gem in the fantasy romance genre.

Ghost Wife

Ghost Wife webtoon manhwa

Ghost Wife follows Liz, a woman who dies and becomes a ghost bound to a shabby old apartment. She soon meets the brooding ghost Han, who was murdered years ago and can’t rest in peace.

Key points:

  • Romance between a female human ghost and male ghost
  • Blends comedy, horror, fantasy, and romance
  • Liz tries to help the grumpy Han move on
  • Quirky side characters and ghosts
  • Adapted into a successful web drama

Many loves Ghost Wife’s endearing leads and ability to smoothly mix genres for an unpredictable story. Liz’s sunny personality contrasting with Han’s glowering demeanor makes for hilarious comedy. Their relationship develops touchingly amidst paranormal hijinks. Ghost Wife puts a fresh spin on love after death.


The world of romance manhwa has something for every reader, whether you love historical drama, sweet schoolyard crushes, or out-of-this-world supernatural love stories. While the stories and settings are incredibly diverse, these manhwas all have the power to make your heart flutter and get wrapped up in the lives of the characters.

From the intoxicating fantasy storytelling of The Remarried Empress to the emotional second chance romance of Our Beloved Summer, and the lighthearted laughs of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, there’s a captivating romance manhwa waiting to speak to your inner romantic.

So pick your poison – or better yet, sample them all – because there’s no limit to the powerful love stories these talented Korean creators have conjured up. Happy reading!

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