Accepting Your Web Novel Reviews

Hello Everyone, Dragneelclub will start receiving the Reviews of the Novel.

If you have any web novel you liked and want others to know about it, write a review and send it here.


  1. The review should at least be 800 words. (Proper format i.e Dividing into sections like World, Characters, etc is preferred.)
  2. A review of own written Novel is accepted but it should have more than 100 chapters.

How to Send?

You can write the review in a doc file and send it to me via Email([email protected]) or by contacting me in discord(Dragneel#8982)

Be sure to mention your name, social media, link to the novel, or other important links in the doc.

Will I get a Prize?

Well, I haven’t thought of anything but I will try to provide a prize for a well-written review.

So What are you waiting for? Send the reviews.

If any questions, Feel Free to ask in the comments.

Note: If the same submitted review is found on other sites, the submitted review will be removed. If the novel is hosted on the DragneelClub Partner sites(like Amazon), affiliate links will be added.

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