Ero Meter novel Review: Wish Fulfillment Novel?

I was recently scrolling through the Rankings on Webnovel and came across Ero Meter. My first thought was it seems to be similar to the Parameter Remote Controller novel and Love Parameter Manhwa. Then I started reading it.

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This is going to be a very short review because there’s not much to say anything about this novel.

Ero Novel Review

ero meter novel


The Ero Meter tells the story of Jack, an average schoolboy who is in secretly love with his childhood friend but his childhood friend likes another boy. This disappoints Jack and as he thinks about moving on, he gets Ero Meter.

Ero Meter is just like its name showing s*x desire floating above the girls’ head as well as the show provides dialogue options during the conversation which helps Jack to modify the girl’s desire.

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Now the review, this novel is not much but a pure wish-fulfillment adult novel filled with s*x. The writing is average. The “actions” writing could be written in more detail. I will praise the author in the context of character consistency. The characters’ behavior has remained most of the time consistent except for the main character.

Another thing I didn’t like was how easy the author made it for the main character. When he got the Ero Meter, the main character got everything: money, girls & s*x

There’s not much build-up. The author should focus on build-up more than the “action” itself.

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The dynamics behind the Ero Meter could also be polished more. New functions could be introduced.

Struggles and Build Ups would have further made the story better.

But while saying this, I admit that I am asking too much because it is nothing but a wish-fulfillment story.

In short, don’t expect much just enjoy the story.

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