A New Guide To Machine Translate Novels (100% Easy & Free)

In this article, I will take you step by step towards the new method: how to machine translate novels easily.

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I have been reading Deep Sea Embers. It is one of the best ongoing novels, so I just couldn’t stop myself from wanting more. What are my options? Go to machine translation sites like Novelhi or Wuxiamtl and read there or use the Google Translate extension.

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The below texts are just my ranting. Go to the method to translate directly.

It’s one option but the texts are so bad, that there’s honestly no different reading from LNMTL. Fast forward, I reached 700 chapters of Deep Sea Embers. It was a painful read.

Then it hit me to use LLMs like ChatGPT and Claude. But the thing is they sometimes translate incorrectly and sometimes, they start to produce nonsense text. You need to learn prompt engineering to get good results.

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Let’s not forget the pain of copying and pasting text chapters every time.

Finally, I decided to make a Python script that scrapes the chapter and uses OpenAI API to translate the text. So I went ahead and learned web scraping…. Fast forward, this method doesn’t work. Though it was easier as I didn’t need to copy and paste but output was not as expected. Sometimes I got a summary or sometimes gibberish. Let’s not mention that not everyone can get API access and the cost associated with it.

Finally, Today everything clicked together and Now I present you the new method of machine translating Webnovels FOR FREE.

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Easy Method to Machine Translate Web Novels

machine translate novels

With just a click, you will be able to get the translation on the side of raw text.

Let’s discuss the method.

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Step 1: Download Immersive Translate Extension

You can find the Immersive Translate extension on Chrome Store.

Immersive Translate on Google Chrome store

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Step 2: Get the API

I will tell you two methods of getting free API. First, Let’s get Google’s Gemini API.

Gemini API is on par with ChatGPT, so the translations will be better.

You can follow this YouTube video on how to get the API key.

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Step 3: Integrate Immersive Translate with API Key

Go to the extensions and click on Immersive Translate


You will get this window. Click on Options.

extension settings

On the page, click on the Translation Service Box, Select Gemini, and Enter the API Key.

immersive translate settings

Play around with the settings as you like.

immersive translate advance settings

After this, close the window and check the extension again to see if Gemini is properly selected.

selecting gemini in immersive translate

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Step 4: Translate

Now go to the raw text, right-click and You will find an icon of Immersive Translate to translate the page, click on that and you will get the translation.

Translating web novels using gemini API

That’s it. Enjoy.

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Warning and Errors While MTLING Novels

This method is not perfect. There will be translation mistakes as we are not translating the whole text but only translating one paragraph at a time, so there will be many mistakes with the names especially in Korean novels.

The next problem is that Gemini only allows 600 requests per minute. This generally won’t pose any problems but in some cases, you may get Response Error Window from Immersive Translate. If you get this error, just wait for some time and retranslate. This is sometimes the case for Korean Webnovel as they have short paragraphs and high word count.

Gemini API limits

If you feel the above problem is significant, you can use OpenAI API. GPT 3.5 will be enough and it generally costs very very low (around $0.001 for a thousand words)

Translating NSFW novels will not be possible with Gemini or OPEN API as it will either show an error or refuse to translate. (sometimes it does translate NSFW but it will be heavily censored.)

However, fear not. I have a method.

Translating R18 Novels

(Edit: Not working with Immersive Translate. Use the Second Method. More details below.)

First Method: Immersive Translate

Go to openrouter.ai and create an account.

openrouter.ai home page

Go to the keys and create a key.

interface of website
api keys

Next, go to the Immersive Translate extension settings page. OR Download the Harpa Extension.

Select OpenAI as the Translation Service.

immersive translate settings

Select Custom API Key.


Enter the above name in the field along with the API key.

translation settings

Then the last step, scroll down and select “Advanced for More Custom Actions.”

more translation settings

and enter the following in the “Custom API interface address.”


That’s it. Now Enjoy.

Second Method: Harpa

Use Harpa Extension by downloading from Chrome Store.

Harpa in chrome store

Select GPT 3.5 or GPT 4 on the Harpa extension at the bottom.

Harpa extension

Scroll down, you will find API Key options.

harpa settings

Enter the API key from above (check First Method) and fill out the details. That’s it. Now you are ready to translate R18 novels.

translate novel chapter using harpa and API

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have a better method for machine-translating web novels.

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