What Did I Read This Week #10?[June 24-July 1] Novel and Manhwa Weekly Discussion

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the weekly discussion on Web novels and manhwa. Feel free to comment your readings.

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This weekly Reading has taken quite a lot of time. Previously I was just busy with my new job, then I became Lazy and I will soon be busy with both studies and job.

Please note that while I do say “spoiler review”, it is nothing but my unfiltered thoughts. 😛

Let’s first Start with the Novel.

The Emperor’s Concubine Web Novel

Platform: RoyalRoad

Special: Villainess trope done well

Ratings: 7 / 10

Chapters Read: 50

My Thoughts: While there are hundreds of Villainess novels with the trope of MC reincarnating in the book as a villain or MC realizing she is in a book as a villain, what makes this novel stand out is the exploration of that theme in much depth.

The character development of the main character is done really well. When she finds out that if she keeps loving the male lead, her ending will be death. Even then she wants to be with him knowing her ending. When she realizes the male lead she loves deeply will no longer love her and love another person, her reaction was sadness and despair. The author doesn’t completely shift her character from bad to good. The author has done a good job in keeping the characters of the novel human and their behavior realistic.

This novel focuses on small details and starts to really explore them. The novel seems to be taking its time developing the characters. That’s why the pacing is slow.

One con I think is the novel is from the POV of the main character. If there were other POVs, I think the novel would have been more fun to read and we could have known more about the other characters. Another con will be the world is not explored much. This is just a minor complaint from me. The main character’s trust in the book is greater than the trust toward the male lead. While I understand the context but to totally trust the book was kinda put off to me.

Jobless Reincarnation LN Vol 15

Platform: Barnes and Noble

Ratings: 9 / 10

Spoiler Review
The intensity was so much in this volume. I could feel goosebumps while imaginging the fight. That shoe biting move was so desparate but it made us feel Rudy’s determination to protect his family.
I never thought Rudy will join Orsted but I do find this a right move. I mean it is better than that unpredictable and evil Man God. Orsted seems much straight forward. I don’t wanna believe that Orsted will turn out to be the evil one. But at this point, I am not sure what to think and who to believe.
Finally Eris has joined the family and we got the Ecchi moments as always. I won’t complain about them.

Looking forward to 16th volume. I hope things are not that serious but..haha.. I believe that won’t be the case.

Jobless Reincarnation LN Vol 14

Platform: Barnes and Noble

Ratings: 9 / 10

Spoiler Review

Just what the hell happened!! This volume was easy going at first. With Nanahosi problem solved, I thought it ended well and now we are going for wholesome and fun ride. But what a great suprise was that!

While I still had my doubts for Man God but since he was been helping, my thought never reached the point that we would be harming Rudy and what a brilliant plan was that. In future, every one will die leaving Rudy alone, still figuring out the Man God intentions.

Another thing is are we still not sure that the Rudy from the future is telling the whole truth. Here, WHOLE needs to be emphasized. I mean look at the Man God, he has been helping, who knew he will later betray. Same thing needs to be said for the man from future. What if he is telling the half truth??

At this point, I am not sure how things will turn. It went from somewhat predictable to WTF I don’t know anything.

Rudy is in the same position, now who should he believe.

Still one of the greatest volume.

Jobless Reincarnation LN Vol 13

Platform: Barnes and Noble

Ratings: 8 / 10

Spoiler Review
Finally, Author took a break from all those tension, drepression and tragedy and provided us with only heart warming and humorous chapter.

It was nice to see all the character moving forward and actually growing. The happy times has come for Rudy and his family. Everyone is happy and it seems Zenith, Rudy’s mom is also recovering. It was nice to read about Lucie. She looks cute in those elf ears. Another great news is that Rudy got his three way with his wives.

It seems Eris is still as in “Rage mode” as ever but she is also growing up and may be made some new friends.

In a nutshell, this volume was really fun and wholesome to read. The character are doing their best to grow stronger and moving forward. Still, this much of happiness is giving me chills knowing there will be heavy stuff in volume 14.

Jobless Reincarnation LN vol 12

Platform: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Ratings: 9/10

Spoiler Review
Overall, this volume was so both depressing and heart warming for me. Still I find it hard to believe Paul is gone. I don’t think he was a bad parent, despite Paul’s opinion to the contrary. Though there was some truth to it to, It wasn’t that he didn’t love Rudy. Seeing his depressing self was also kinda depressing for me. I think he became a great father after the sacrifice; no one will now question him. A tragedy has passed. I anticipated that Zenith would be alive and well, will scold Rudy, hug him and cry with him on Paul’s death, but who knew?

For Rudy, I am both happy and sad. Sad because of his parents, happy because he had another wife and child. Happy for Roxy as well. I knew they would have been a couple in the future from the first volume. What a good read.
What a chapter with mixed feelings. Good one Author.

Manhwa Readings

I was Just an Ordinary Lady Manhwa

This manhwa is full of Slice of Life, Magic, and Wholesome moments. The main character is a female who is around 10 years old(as of the latest chapter). The MC starts her journey into the new world leaving her old family and gets born into a new family in another world.

She still has her old memories which cause her to be depressed at first. She wants to go back to her family but gets depressed and doesn’t want to accept her new family. But She starts to overcome her depression when she sees the family’s love for her.

The new land is filled with magic and many myths. What stood out is the art which was bright and colorful.

Overall a great read. Highly recommended if you are looking for some fun, wholesome, and light reading with a cute little child main character.

Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation Manhwa

Honestly, I was surprised by this Manhwa. I just expected a cringe and generic plot where MC has a system and is OP and starts to beat people’s asses here and there but who knew there was so much of dept in this manhwa.

The system is good and strong but not overpowering. Though it is not well done, the details and functionalities of the system are what stood out for me. The AI fights, simulation, save/reload, etc are some functions of the system that are mixed with the plot really well.

Next, the well-done aspect is power. I thought the main character will be powerful and fast with the help of the system. But then we are introduced to more powerful characters.

The plot is also good and there are mysteries in the plot as well. There’s a certain depth in the plot that kept me engaging.

That’s all from Me. Let me know about your readings.

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