Top 9 Novels from WuxiaWorld

WuxiaWorld 9 Best Novels to Read

The oldest and probably the most liked translation group is WuxiaWorld. Wuxia meaning martial hero. They translate all kinds of novels but mostly Wuxia, xianxia, and Xuanhuan Chinese web novels. They translate Korean web novels too.

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I think WuxiaWorld is the hero in the translation sector. Even if you don’t agree with this statement, but you can’t deny that it is at least better than Webnovel in most of the places like translation, editing, etc. Their translation and editing quality are way better. I also like the subscription system that WuxiaWorld implements.

Let’s not talk more about WuxiaWorld. We will discuss more in my future post titled “Webnovel Vs WuxiaWorld.”

If you like to know more about WuxiaWorld. Click here.

The Top Novels from WuxiaWorld are listed below. The novels are in random order.


Overgeared best korean web novel in wuxiaworld

One of the most liked Korean web novel in WuxiaWorld despite the shortcomings.

Short Summary:

Overgeared is an excellent VR adventure-focused novel. It features the rise of Shin Youngwoo, who holds the name ‘Grid’ in the game world of “Satisfy”. It follows Grid as he strives at the forefront of humanity to carve his epic into the history of the Satisfy world.

The Good:

Firstly, You will get a well developed and well-detailed plot. You will love the MC and his adventure as well as his humor. Besides MC, you will also love other side characters too. They are finely developed in the story.

Secondly, The plot progresses closely to its title Overgeared. It’s like Overflow, having excess water in the cup than its capacity. Here, we have MC who wears more gears than any other common person which is comical and the plot revolves around that.

The Game World is really vast with people from different classes, each with different personalities, power, and skill which makes Overgeared rich in storytelling and world development.

The Bad:

This Novel is a big NO to anyone who doesn’t prefer Harem. Beautiful, cold, independent and popular girls instantly become dumb when came in contact with MC. The character development of side characters is done very poorly and are only there to make MC look good and make MC seem like a god.

Another problem is that MC is naïve, stupid, and annoying. Many readers say, “MC will grow as the chapter progresses. Don’t hate unless you have read 1K+ chapters.” I read the novel up to 500 chapters. I have to say readers were saying the truth. MC’s personality goes from -100,000 to -1000. That’s a good improvement, but not enough for me to continue reading.

Let’s not get started with plot holes and nationalism.

You can buy Overgeared on Amazon. (Buy Now)

If you like Overgeared, you may also like Night Ranger.(Learn More)

The Grandmaster Strategist

best novel with clever MC

This is the only story that I loved most than any other novels in WuxiaWorld.

Short Summary:

Of poor background, Jiang Zhe, has finally, after ten years of hard work, passed the imperial examinations and become a scholar within Hanlin Academy. Unwittingly, he becomes involved in the succession dispute of the Great Yong Dynasty. He faces conspiracies and machinations and countless battles of strength and wits. In this conniving world, he uses his intelligence and knowledge to provide for himself and his companions a stable environment to survive. Watch nations fall, great men rise, and supreme martial artists kneel before the quiet whispers of a frail, unassuming scholar.

The Good:

Everything about this novel is just too good. The writing quality, the translation, and the editing are just top-notch. Its dialogues and story-telling have the capacity to truly capture your attention. Be careful to not get lost in the story, cause you will feel pain as there are tragedies in this novel, you won’t be able to stop yourself from cheering for the MC when he fights in the war with this wits and knowledge, and the friendship between MC and his friend is exemplary. The world development as well as character development is done in a very clever way. The writing style of the author is quite unique too.

The bad:

Mini-info dumps and not overly focused on romance. Some translated poems, quotes, and dialogues won’t give the same feeling as it is in the original. But these are very minor things.

If you like this novel, then you should also check out Way of Choices(Learn More) and Release that Witch(Learn More)

Emperor’s domination

Emperor domination

If you are following all my posts, then you may have seen this novel appearing in most of my posts. What can I say I am a big fan of this novel even though it’s not that good and not that bad in my opinion.

Short Summary:

The main character of this novel, Li Qiye gets his soul transferred into a crow. He roams the world as a crow for millions of years. Now his soul has returned to his body. Using the knowledge and power he discovered as a crow, he is going to challenge the overlords, gods, demons, and heaven and is going to write his legend.

The Good:

If you want an MC who is insanely overpowered, chill, laid back, and is in control all the time, then this novel is for you. Recommended to those who want to try out something different in the Cultivation novel.

This novel will mostly follow MC and his adventures and his actions’ effect on the world. The world is very very vast. Other characters are finely developed.

The Bad:

Repetition and story are still ongoing after 4k. Romance comes really late in this story.

You should check out these similar novels. Martial God Asura(Learn More) and Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation(Learn More)

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

clever and scheming MC

Second favorite novel on WuxiaWorld after The Grandmaster Strategist.

Short Summary:

After Su Chen lost his sight in an unfortunate, unanticipated encounter, he started seeing his way to success more clearly than before and tried to turn the most tragic fates possible in the human realm and fought on.

The Good:

This novel tried to be distinguishable from the generic cultivation novels and I have to say it became successful. This cultivation novel is unlike any other previous ones you have read. It has its own uniqueness.

In this cultivation novel, MC uses his deductive reasoning to solve the problems coming his way. The character development of MC is simply excellent and his adventures are engaging. Simply because MC uses his wits and intelligence most of the time, the story is really fascinating to the readers.

Enemies are Strong? No problem. Enemies have armies? No problem. MC has intelligence and brilliant schemes.

The vast world is presented in a simplistic way and mysteries get uncovered slowly to make the story more exciting.

The Bad:

A big NO to the non-harem fans. The harem is done quite badly. Strong girls loses IQ when they are with MC.

MC gets arrogant as the story progresses. Not afraid to offend anyone, getting involved in other’s business, etc seems like what the MC of common cultivation novels will do.

I miss the confident and intelligent MC from the first and second volumes. I felt it lost some of its charms from initial volumes in later volumes as the MC becomes overconfident and arrogant.

If you like this novel, then you should check out Kings of God(Learn More), Release that Witch(Learn More), and The Beginning After The End (Learn More)Highly recommended.

The Second Coming of Gluttony

The Second Coming of Gluttony - Novel Updates

Also one of the most liked Korean Novel in WuxiaWorld.

Short Summary:

Seol Jihu, a weak-willed, and short-tempered gambler, sets out on an epic adventure when emotions, regrets, and a desire to improve are transplanted into him from his dying future self.

The Good:

I am 49% to 51% in this novel. The plot is really well developed and well written as well. The character development of side characters is quite well done. The flow of the story is good. This novel cleverly projects various emotions to the readers. We can feel MC’s regret, sadness, and happiness. We can make a connection with the MC.

The battles are epic and well detailed. The author does a good job in this part.

The Bad

This novel is a big NO to the non-harem fans.

MC’s character development is worse in this novel. The author portray him as cold-blooded and ruthless character but in fact he is shown as an indecisive idiot in the novel. He doesn’t know how to make decisions as well as don’t know how to use his powers correctly.

Let’s talk about romance. MC is 101% similar to dense Japanese MC who is surrounded by girls.

Let’s talk about MC’s Luck. Author is ready to save MC every time with Plot Amor.

Here’s a review by one of the readers(Spoiler)

top 10 novel from wuxiaworld

You can buy the novel on Amazon.

If you like this novel, You can try Main Character Hides His Strength (Learn More).

I shall seal the Heavens

I Shall Seal the Heavens Manga

One of earliest cultivation novel and perfect gateway to the cultivation novels.

Short Summary:

Meng Hao, a failed young scholar, gets forcibly recruited into a Sect of Immortal Cultivators. In the Cultivation world, the strong prey on the weak, and the law of the jungle prevails. Meng Hao must adapt to survive. This story is about his adventures with immortality as his destination.

The Good:

Definitely a good novel to the non-harem fans. Quickly dive in the story.

World development and character development are the strengths of this novel. The fights are amazing and easy to imagine for a total newbie in cultivation. This novel clearly defines and explains what is cultivation, what are the steps involved, what happens in each step and where does it lead to. All the answers are explained in this novel in a simple and fun way. This novel should also be named as Beginners guide to Cultivation(lol).

MC, Meng Hao, is stubborn at first and I like this about him. Later he learns and grows as he learns the way of immortals and what needs to be done to attain immortality. The character development of Meng Hao is quite good. He is humorous, patient, and not annoying, and bloodthirsty like other main characters in other cultivation novels.

Er Gen, the author of this novel, has done a great job in explaining the essence of Dao in the path of immortality.

There are twists and turns to turn your emotions up and down in the story. Romance is fine in this story and we can see the growth of the couples in this story.

The Bad:

The novel slowly loses its charms at the latter chapters. I felt some actions of Meng Hao were annoying and totally unnecessary at latter chapters. Some may feel these actions humorous but It felt annoying to me.

I felt that the author tried to keep the romance simple and tried to remind us again and again that this novel is not harem by making Meng Hao a*shole to other girls.

Development of side characters is done poorly.

If you like this novel, then check out Coiling Dragon(Learn More) Highly Recommended

Warlock of the Magus World

Warlock of the Magus World

Written by The Plagiarist, famous for stealing others works, this stolen concept truly shone brighter than the original.

Short Summary:

Leylin, a scientist from a futuristic world, reincarnates in a World of Magic and Knights. Dark, cold and calculating, Leylin makes use of all his resources as he sets off on his adventures to meet his goal.

The Good:

The best strength of this novel is that MC is evil to its core. MC is rational, calm, scheming, selfish, and evil. He will kill for his benefit. The character development of MC is the best. Not a single time, MC hesitates to commit evil.

One unique thing is that he has an A.I chip which analyzes and makes rational decision. It is also one of the strength of this novel.

The world development is done really well. Magic system is also explained well.

The Bad:

No character development for MC along with other characters. MC doesn’t really change; once a psychopath always a psychopath.

No Romance, and No Friendship.

Harem but yeah MC doesn’t care about his wives.

MC overly relies on his A.I chip.

If you like this novel, then you should check out The Saga of Tanya the Evil(Learn More) Overwhelmingly Recommended

Rebirth of the Thief that roamed the World

Rebirth of the thief who roamed the world Wiki

A VRMMO Novel, something different in WuxiaWorld.

Short Summary:

Nie Yan awoke moments later to find that he had reincarnated into his past self. Armed with his experience and knowledge of future events, he sets out to live his life anew.

The Good:

Really a good pacing, plot, developments at the initial chapters. The game world is vast and has rich numbers of classes, power systems and weapons. Clan building and world building is quite fine.

The Bad:

Basically, everything degrades in the middle part of this novel whether it’s the romance, action, game world, logic etc. And in the end, everything degrades more than before. It’s like the author, mad snail, doesn’t know much about games.

Still, it is an enjoyable read.

How to enjoy Rebirth of the Thief that roamed the World?

A Guide by Lillienna

I’m a pretty young reader; I’m in my mid teens. Because of this, I know I haven’t read or taken apart near as many stories as those who are older than me, despite me being a voracious reader. Despite that, I believe that I get a much more riveting and enjoyable reading experience than my older counterparts. I believe that the most important thing in reading is to be forgiving; forgiving to the author’s mistakes, to the protagonist’s mistakes, and to all technical mistakes. If you’re constantly picking apart and criticizing a story, you don’t enjoy it. At all. If anything, it makes you resent the story. You might as well not read it, right? That’s why I don’t like looking at the comments after every chapter; there’s always a few that ruin my mood. I’d become excited about future machinations or events, then accidentally glance at the comment section, only to find at least a few detailing how ridiculous the plan is, how Nie Yan messed up, how Mad Snail failed to fix a plot hole, etc. I’m getting sick of it. There’s no fun in reading a story if there’s always negative people crushing its potential fun. What’s it called, when you’re watching a movie and certain things just don’t add up, yet you just ignore it for the sake of enjoying the movie? Movie magic? No… ah, right, it’s “suspend all disbelief”. In conclusion, I love this novel to bits. It’s fantastic; it’s a lovely mixture of VRMMORG (Chinese-Style), army/guild/business building, action, exciting plans, making lot and LOTS of money (a personal favorite of mine :>), and a little bit of (somewhat shallow, tbh, loyal at least) romance. Yes, there are also many inconsistencies and faults to be found throughout, but where’s the fun in reading if you only focus on those? I have a mission for new readers, if you decide to read Rebirth of the Thief who Roamed the World because of this comment: Suspend all disbelief and enjoy it as much as you realistically can, okay?Have fun and I hope you enjoy ROTTWRTW as much as I have (and still do; I’m about to binge up to the most recent update right after I post this review ;>) !

If you love VRMMO type novels, You should check out Log Horizon(Learn More) Highly Recommended, Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God(Learn More)

Against the Gods

Against the gods wuxiaworld

Extremely popular novel on WuxiaWorld. Many are still fighting for this novel.

Short Summary:

Hunted for possessing a heaven-defying object, Yun Che throws himself off a cliff to spite his pursuers. Yun Che is reincarnated as Xiao Che, a recently poisoned teen in another realm. Just as hated in this life as the previous one, Che must overcome his own hostile clan, his own inability to cultivate, and his own frosty fiancée.

The Good:

Good at the start.

World development is done really well. The character development of MC is fine. Same for his adventures. The actions are well explained. Unexpected twists and turns make the story exciting and addicting.

The Bad:

When MC meets a woman, the only question is “Whether MC fuc… takes her into his harem?” If the woman is unwilling, the Author will make her do it. MC forgets everything once he is with a woman.

Character development of side characters, especially, women is done really poorly.

Meet the luckiest MC. Meet a strong enemy, goes for a walk, finds OP material, come back, and kicks Enemy a*s.

You guys should listen to SomeOneElse, especially to the first line.

is against the god worth reading?

If you guys like this novel, You should check out Condemning the Heavens(Learn More*), Blue Phoenix(Learn More*)

Bonus TOP Novels:

  1. Tales of Demons and Gods
  2. Desolate Era
  3. Battle through the heavens
  4. Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
  5. A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
  6. Martial World
  7. Heavenly Jewel Change

Honorable mentions to The Novel’s Extra and Trash of Count’s Family. Although they have been removed from WuxiaWorld. They will remain in our hearts and in pirate ships.

Dropped novels from wuxiaworld

These are the top novels from WuxiaWorld. The Good and The Bad are just my opinions on those novels. You don’t have to agree with my opinions.

What do you think of the novels listed above? Which is your favorite Novel from WuxiaWorld?

I will love to hear your thoughts. Do comment.

Have a Nice Day. Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Top 9 Novels from WuxiaWorld”

  1. Hi, i would like to know if, like me, others are also confused about the evident lack of common sense of distance mesures and world sized in wuxia world, looks like all the authors learned from the same retarded teacher or something. It’s surprising cause i thaught asians are good in math(or at least decent)
    Situations where the mc travels thousands miles(fkin MILES, bigger than China) to escape some enemy, hides in deep mountains, then randomly gets caught by some disciples of the enemy sect, who were just PASSING BY.. Like seriously ? They seem to see ppl hundreds of kilometers away, thats the size of France by the way, and all that at relatively low cultivation lvl (example I shall spleat the heavens)
    Anyway, i have to turn my brain of and get retard when i read chinese authors, but i like the concept, maybe i should start writing also, if crap like this is successful, i think i’m qualified

  2. Hello, I would love to add to the list,
    Renegade Inmortal, great time line, it actually takes time for the MC to learn stuff, no becoming OP in 1 month, but actually yeard and centuries (4k years in total),
    Negative: Rushed Ending.

    Stars Odyssey its great as well


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