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Webnovel With VERY Low Key and OP Main Character Ever

The web novel’s name is Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years.

Chinese web novel with low key main character

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The Good

The Main Character

Han Jue adheres to his principle of remaining low-key and cultivating at all times. I’ve read about 200 chapters, and even when things go wrong, he just cultivates.

The System and the Time Skips

Because this is a cultivation novel, there are many time jumps to indicate that the main character has reached this stage in cultivation after so many years. The System informs him of events involving his friends and enemies during that time period. It’s a clever plan by the author because it keeps the novel entertaining.


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This novel’s plot and characters lack depth, but it moves at a fast pace which kind of fills that gap. I would have dropped this novel if it didn’t have a fast pace.


The Bad

Lack of fightings, plot and characters depth, and repetition of plots can be its bad point but these don’t really affect the reading experience. After all, this is a light fun novel with a low-key main character.

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