Weird Live Broadcast Novel Review: A New Thrilling Novel

Weird Live Broadcast Novel Review: A New Thrilling Novel

The full name of this novel is Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly. I dived with no expectations but after reading 90 chapters, I think it has the potential to be on the same level as My House of Horrors and Thriller Paradise.

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Weird Live Broadcast is an engrossing new web novel in the horror/thriller genre. It follows the protagonist Gu Yi as he is forced to take part in deadly challenges in a bizarre nightmare hospital, where failure means his country in the real world will be invaded. While reading the first 90 chapters, I was instantly reminded of other top-tier web novels like My House of Horrors and Thriller Paradise.

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We loved My House of Horrors and Thriller Paradise because of the Rich detailed Mysteries, the fantastic world development, Investigations, and the cool main character with brain.

Weird Live Broadcast is similar except the stakes are higher from the very start.

You will get the idea from reading the synopsis.

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The weird world has selected Gu Yi to represent the Dragon Country and challenge the first dungeon world, the Chongshan Hospital, where the death rate is 99%. He finds himself in a ward with a Patient Handbook.

[Patient Handbook]

1. Take medicine on time three times a day.

2. Please keep the ward clean at all times.

3. People wearing bird beak masks are doctors or nurses, please follow their advice carefully.

4. If you see blood dripping from the ceiling in the hallway, do not panic, as this is normal.

5. If you notice any equipment damage, please contact someone wearing an elephant mask for repairs immediately.

6. There are always two people in the ICU, please keep this in mind.

On the back of the page was written in blood: “Do not take any medication given to you. They are a group of demons who will lead you into the abyss.”


In the first chapter where we are directly slammed with the weird scenario with some odd explanations (where I think the author could have done better). In the scenario, Gu Yi must complete the missions, if not, his country will be invaded by Weird World.

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Reading the 90 chapters, the world is still not clear enough. From what I could get, There are two worlds: Real World (which is not Earth) and Weird World. Weird World selects people from real-world countries to complete in challenges and if the challenges are not completed, Weird World will invade real-world countries.

The author’s majority of focus is in the Weird World and we don’t have much information about the real world. But I am not complaining because the mysteries are very very well written along with the main character‘s cheat power, Infinite Deduction.

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Infinite Deduction: The character using Infinite Deduction is able to simulate his action in real-time. For instance, in the above scenario, Gu Yi instantly uses the power in the ward. Now the story is from a different perspective. We see Gu Yi, standing up, searching the room, the doctor and nurse come in and the nurse kills Gu Yi. The deduction is complete with his death. In other words, This power helps him simulate certain actions in real life, consuming his mental strength.

This is a very new cheat power that I have not really encountered before. This power is overpowered but compared to the scenario with a 99% mortality rate, Protagonist totally doesn’t depend on this power as the plot progresses. We can see him using his brain to figure out mysteries.

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Overall, all things like World, Story, Mysteries, Characters, etc are well done. My only little problem is with the Author’s naming, he could have given more unique names instead of generic names like Dragon Country, Weird World, Unspeakable, etc.

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