What did I Read this Week #1? [ July 25 to August 1 ]

Welcome to the Weekly Series Post where I discuss about various web novels, light novels, comics, manhwas, manga and many others that I read before the week.

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Weekly Series #1 [ July 25 to August 1 ]

Here’s the Meme for this Week

May be a meme of text that says 'Love Triangle Toxic Relationship Shitload of abs Plot'

This Chinese novel was unexpectedly amazing to read. There was never a dull moment in the story. The whole time I was reading the story, I found the story heartwarming and funny. Both the female protagonist and male lead’s interactions was humorous.

This generic novel managed to stand out. Highly Recommended.

Status: Read 30 Chapters

Read: IsoHungryTranslations

Mingxi goes home after 15 years to discover that her family still loves and favors the fake daughter. They would neglect her no matter how hard she tries to impress them.

Only after she dies does she realize she was just an evil supporting character in a novel with a tragic ending.

Zhao Mingxi, who had been given a second chance at life, was heartbroken. She had lost interest in her family. Screw her fiancé and her family. She hurriedly packed her belongings and went home, determined to achieve the system’s mission of ‘Becoming Friends With Popular and Valuable Characters.’

2. Tearmoon Empire [ Light Novel ]

The world development, and character development was done really well. There were lots of uniqueness in the story.

The Story is humorous and full of misunderstandings.

I do think I will read the second volume this week.

Status: Read 1 volume

Read: Amazon | RightStuffAnime | BookDepository

The ill-equipped princess of the Tearmoon Empire, armed with memories of her past life and a diary from the future, tries to avoid dying at the guillotine once more, and in the process, changes the course of history!

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