Anime Review

  • Old, but Gold: Great Teacher Onizuka
    Great Teacher Onizuka was a defining anime and manga series in the ’90s, and stands as an endearing classic even today. A combination of a permeating old school vibe, explosive humour, deeply written characters and a unique take on the high school genre have carried this series to the general mainstream in both anime and manga form, and for those who haven’t heard of or experienced the series, here’s everything you need to know to get started.
  • Take the Dive: A Certain Magical Index
    The science side mainly consists of supernaturally equipped individuals known as “Espers”, capable of creating specific paranormal phenomenon. While the basis for the phenomenon themselves is fictional, it’s pure science once the powers come out.
  • EroNinja: Naruto gone Wild for Peace
    Naruto in his ultimate quest to achieve peace but this time he is using completely different method.
  • Anime That You Should Watch In Private (Part 1)
    Every post in this series we will go over an anime that you should probaly watch in private. More specifically, ones that would be tough to explain to someone if they happen to look over your shoulder. And then there are anime that for some reason or another, are more enjoyable when watched by yourself. Instead of with a crowd of people or friends.
  • Death Note: Anime Ending Explained
     Ryuk, from atop a tower, reminds Light of his promise from the beginning: that he would be the one to write Light’s name in his notebook