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After reading web novels like Lord of the Mysteries, Joy of life, and Reverend Insanity with a good storyline, interesting characters, and a world that feels alive, I hardly found any novels in which I feel personally so invested.

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Hello Everyone, In this post, I will be discussing the two web novels which I loved reading, and while they have fewer chapters, I feel they will be the ones to be mentioned whenever someone asks for good story recommendations.

good Chinese and Korean web novels to read
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The first story is a Chinese translated novel called World of the Deities and another one is a Korean translated novel called Swordmaster’s Youngest Son.

The World of the Deities has currently 80 chapters translated by Webnovel while Swordmaster’s Youngest Son has 42 chapters translated by Reaper Scans.

Let’s discuss both novels one by one.

World of the Dieties

Chinese web novel world of deities similar to lord of the mysteries and reverend insanity

World of the Deities novel features Su Ye who is transmigrated in a world where there gods existed. There are Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Nordic, and Persian deities present in the world.

Su Ye is a student in Plato Academy in Actient Greece. He becomes suprised as Plato, Socrates, and Pythagoras, as well as other well-known figures from history and mythology, live in the same present age.

Let’s discuss the world.

The world is incredibly complicated. The story features a number of deities from various mythological civilizations. Different cultures can be found in different parts of the world, such as Greece, Sparta, and Egypt. The traditions and habits of the people who live in those various locations are diverse. The world building is so rich.

The author appears to have done a lot of research on many mythology, philosophical beliefs, and thinking techniques like SWOT analysis.

There appeared to be a large class divide, with poor people known as commoners living on one side and wealthy people known as Nobles living on the other. There was a point in the story where the nobility were told not to touch the bronze coins since they had been touched by the commoners. The story depicts a great deal of animosity between the two classes.

Power System

The world is full of magic. There existed Mage and Warriors in the world. They both had different levels they could achieve. The goal is to reach Demigod.

Mage Apprentices -> Black Iron -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Sage -> Legendary -> Hero -> Demigod -> God

The higher the level, the more powerful they become. Mages were more powerful than warriors. They obtained their skills from the gods through a variety of techniques.


Let’s chat about the characters for a moment. We are introduced to a number of people, each with their own distinct characteristics. While it is still early, I believe they aren’t there solely to cheer up the protagonist. The interaction between the characters is great.

The main character Su Ye is a calm, intellectual person who carefully considers the pros and cons before making a decision. Before moving on to the next phase, Su Ye thoroughly examines everything. Even when it comes to reading, this is true. He examines what he’s learned in the academy and prepares a memory map to help him recall it all.

There are not much of action at the start. His cheats are overpowered, however, because main character is always using his brain to fight, we have yet to see him in action with his cheats.

Final thoughts

There is comedy mixed in the novel and there are mysteries to solve. The romance is not seen.

This novel has a great storyline, rich and complex world building, good characters, and a smart main character. Thus I believe it will a contender for novels in my top 10 list.

Read World of the Deities

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

Korean web novel swordmaster's son

Jin Runcandel, the youngest son of the greatest Swordmaster, is the focus of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son. After his death, he is given a second opportunity to live his life again. He aspires to use his second opportunity to become the strongest and take revenge on those who have harmed him.


The world seems very generic with sword and magic present. However, I have to say this generic world is filled with unique elements. The author has incorporated numerous customs, cultures, rich history, secrets, and many more to make the world feel alive. Various monsters, phoenixes, and dragon-like creatures can be found.

Many clans utilize just swords and disdain those who use magic, and the contrary is true as well.

Power System

Those who uses sword are called Knights and those who uses magic are called Magician.

When it comes to sword and magic, there are several levels to reach through training. There are ten levels, ranging from one to ten. Those who have reached level one in sword are known as 1-star Knights, and those who have reached level one in magic are known as 1-star Magicians.

Sword Knights and Magicians are constantly fighting one other to prove who is the most powerful.

There is also a third type which I will not be mentioning here.


Author has introduced many characters each with their own distinct characteristics. Jin, the main character, is composed and meticulous in his actions. He has the knowledge of the future which he cleverly employs to his advantage.

Jin, along with his siblings 13 elder sliblings, is fighting for his father’s seat. All of the sliblings are powerful, and they all have powerful personalities. It will be exciting to see how Jin fights his opponents in the bloody war.

Final thoughts

This novel contains a strong plot, engaging characters, plenty of action and adventure, and a few humorous parts. I feel personally invested in this novel, and there was never a dull point in the plot. As a result, I believe this novel will be a contender for a spot in my top ten novel list.

Read SwordMaster’s Youngest Son

Honorable Mention:

chinese comedy web novel

Indestructible God King

Both World of the Deities and Swordmaster’s Youngest Son have only a few chapters, so it’s too early to comment. However, I’m hoping that both novels will live up to my expectations.

Let’s see where both novels go from here.

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