The Perfect Run Web Novel Review

a perfect run

I wanted to read a novel in which the main character has the ability to bend time. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of time manipulation ever since I saw the Flash and other anime and movies in which the protagonist goes back in time to change the future. When I was looking around … Read more

What did I read this Week #3? [August 8 to August 14]

What Did I Read This Week

Welcome to the Weekly Series Post where I discuss about various web novels, light novels, comics, manhwas, manga and many others that I read before the week. Feel Free to comment about your readings and opinions about them. Weekly Series #3 [ August 8 to August 14 ] Last week was same as always. Watched … Read more

Top 10 Best Romance Novels to Read Online on Webnovel

BEST Romance Novels on Webnovel

The romance genre is one of the most popular web novel genres, and there are many romance novels available on the Webnovel platform. I’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of our favorite romance novels so you don’t have to risk reading something that’s either boring or bad. The list below contains … Read more

How to Get Webnovel Redeem Codes 2021?


Hello Guys, I am sharing Webnovel Redeem Codes which will help the users to unlock their favorites novels and comics. The codes are only for the New Users and will only work for mobile application. After you redeem those codes, you will get three Fast Passes which will help you unlock the locked novel and … Read more

2 Web Novels with Huge Potential You shouldn’t Miss

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After reading web novels like Lord of the Mysteries, Joy of life, and Reverend Insanity with a good storyline, interesting characters, and a world that feels alive, I hardly found any novels in which I feel personally so invested. Hello Everyone, In this post, I will be discussing the two web novels which I loved … Read more