This Cultivation Web Novel Made Me Cry TWICE

What are the chances!! I read A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation novel expecting it to be average. First, It’s a Korean Web novel. I have never read a Korean novel with cultivation themes. So, I wasn’t expecting anything at all. Second, there’s a time loop. We all know a Korean regression novel can’t be that … Read more

Lord Of The Mysteries Anime Trailer (Donghua) Released

I have been so excited when I heard the news about Lord Of The Mysteries web novel getting anime adaptation. I love Lord Of The Mysteries, in fact, the first review article which I wrote on this website was the review of Lord Of The Mysteries. If you haven’t read Lord of the Mysteries, then … Read more

Immortal In The Magic World Review: Low Key Main Character Strikes Again

Following the trend of powerful yet low-key main characters, we have a new novel, Immortal In The Magic World. As the title suggests, it revolves around an immortal character in a magical world. This web novel is similar to novels like Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years and My Girlfriend From Turquoise … Read more

Best 10 Korean Web Novels to Read

Korean web novels are usually short like 300 chapters, have dept, and are more impactful. In this article, I will be recommending Korean web novels that are a must-read. Now let’s get started!!! The novels are listed in random order. Ten Korean Web novels that are must read 1) I am The Monarch Genre: Action, … Read more

Kingdom Building Novel Review: Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece

Kingdom-building novels are one of my favorite genres. When I first learned about the Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece web novel, I went straight to it and began reading. What a fantastic read! With 1324 chapters, Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece is a good historical kingdom-building web novel. The web novel focuses on all of … Read more