My 10 Favorite Slice of Life Stories [ Recommendations ]

The stories in this list contain web novels and light novels which mostly focus on Slice of Life. The novels are heartwarming and sweet. These stories will make your heart flutter and increase the sugar level in your body. You should definitely read these light novels and web novels to take a break from serious … Read more

Full of Schemes and Twists: Joy Of Life

Joy of life is full of political intrigue, schemes, twists and turns, comedy, friendship, love, betrayal, jealously, backstabbing, and revenge. There’s a never dull moment in the story. The story is slow-paced but exciting. Bit by bit, as the story moves forward, smaller pieces together will form big arcs.

Best Light Novels 2023: This Will Suprise You!

Light novels are a popular form of Japanese literature that has gained a strong following worldwide. They are known for their easy-to-read format, engaging stories, and beautiful illustrations. Light novels typically target young adults and have become a staple in anime and manga fandoms. Related: Top Underrated Light Novels to Read There are a few … Read more

23 Best Werewolf Romance Books You MUST Read

Do you want to add some bite to your reading list? Look no further than werewolf romance books! These books will have you howling with delight as you dive into the world of alpha male wolf shifters, female wolf shifters, and the entire pack. Whether you’re in the mood for a reverse harem paranormal romance … Read more

Novel and Manhwa Discussion #12 March

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Novel and Manhwa Discussion where we discuss the novel and manhwa we read past two weeks. Feel Free to comment on your readings. I am the evil lord of An intergalactic empire (LN) If you are looking for a novel filled with comedic misunderstandings, this light-hearted comedy is definitely worth checking … Read more