10 Best Web Novels to Read on Webnovel Part 2

In this post, I’ve listed some of the best novels available on Webnovel. If you haven’t read Part 1, you should do so before continuing.

Top 10 Novels to Read on Webnovel Part 1

Without further ado, let’s get started on the list.

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The Best Web Novels To Read On Webnovel

best web novels to read

1. Throne of Magical Arcana

Throne of Magical Arcana web novel

Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Xuanhuan

World development is thorough and intriguing. The pace is good, and the mystery is set up for future chapters. Characters each have their own distinct personality. In this novel, there is no harem. Both the main character and the female lead gradually develop feelings for each other.

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2. The King’s Avatar

the king's avatar web novel

Action Adventure Comedy Slice of Life Sports

The King’s Avatar is a best-selling web novel with an esports theme. This novel takes a unique approach to the gaming theme. Unlike in other novels where the VR set or helmet is used, in this novel, the characters play the game with the keyboard and mouse. The game world is massive, and all of the game mechanics are extremely detailed.

The King’s Avatar web novel is so popular that there’s an anime and drama adaptation. Those who enjoy gaming-themed novels with realistic plots, high-quality game mechanics, detailed action, and adventure with intelligent main characters should check this out.

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3. Library of Heaven’s Path

Library of Heaven’s Path

Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance Xuanhuan

The Library of Heaven’s Path is a popular web novel that has received mixed reviews. It may not be the best web novel but this novel’s concept is unique. The world is also unlike anything else seen before. In this novel, the main character begins as a teacher. The main character has a cheat—a mysterious library in his mind—that compiles any object or person’s data into a book.

The novel is full of comedic and face-slapping moments. The world-building is excellent. Character development is okay.

Despite having many positive aspects, the novel’s main flaw is the plot’s repetition.

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4. Embers Ad Infinitum

Embers Ad Infinitum by cuttlefish that loves diving

Action Adventure Fantasy Mature Sci-fi Seinen Supernatural

The main draw of this novel is the presence of other lead characters who are just as important as the main character. They all work together to accomplish a difficult goal by planning each step.

I have written a detailed review of this novel. You can check it out.

Embers Ad Infinitum Review

5. History’s Number 1 Founder

History's Number 1 Founder

Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

Now, the main character is on a quest to find the greatest sect. In this story, the author cleverly employs cliches. The main character is clearly weak, but with the help of System and his wits, he appears strong to the other characters.

The characters are well developed. Similarly, the cultivation world has been well thought out. This story contains no romance or love interest.

6. The First Order

The first order web novel

Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

The First Order is yet another good apocalyptic novel on this list. People start to awaken various kinds of abilities. The main character gets a System that provides different items and abilities to the main character. The System is unusual and unpredictable. The world is completely unique and developed in a steady manner. Even in chapter 500, there are many things in the world to be explored.

Other characters and their abilities are well written as well. Each character is fully fleshed out and recurs rather than being discarded. Fights and other actions are depicted in great detail. There are no harems or late-night romances. The balance of romance and humor, as well as the rest of the story, is excellent.

You can read the review of this novel.

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7. Trafford’s Trading Club

Trafford's Trading Club

Action Adventure Horror Mystery Psychological Tragedy Xuanhuan

Trafford’s Trading Club is another one-of-a-kind best web novel on this list in which the main character is the store owner.

Trafford’s Trading Club, set in modern-day Earth, has a slow-paced plot that mostly revolves around several side stories as our main character goes about his daily life as an omnipotent and mysterious store owner. The side stories are written in such a way that the characters’ motivations and actions are difficult to predict. Reading is the only way to find out.

Before he owned the store, the main character was just a regular kid. He has the ability to sell anything, including money, power, and life, for the right price. The main character is calm and appears to be quite ordinary. What makes him interesting is that he always appears to stand in the observer’s way, only interfering when the safety of his loved ones or the priorities of his guests/customers are jeopardized.

8. Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System

Action Adventure Comedy Ecchi Harem Martial Arts Mature Xianxia

Ultimate Scheming System is a hilarious web novel. This novel has a light-hearted plot that mostly focuses on the shameless main character and shouldn’t be taken seriously when reading.

The main character is reincarnated into the cultivation world and is weak. Luckily, he gets a System. Now, the only way to survive is by acting tough. The more ‘tough’ the main character acts, the more points he gains in order to become stronger. To get the points, the main character must become shameless. The plot revolves primarily around this.

In the story, there are several love interests that are not fully explored. Similarly, there are several flaws in the story, but if you’re only looking for a good laugh, this is the book for you.

9. Super Gene

super gene god web novel review

Action Adventure Comedy Mecha School Life Sci-fi Xuanhuan

Super Gene is yet another popular web novel that has received mixed reviews. The basic premise of this novel is that humans colonize the galaxy, and there is the invention of a teleporter, but it does not work as intended, and the teleporter takes people to the sanctuary, where technology does not work but one can improve themselves from the gene by hunting creatures of the sanctuary.

Despite its flaws, Super Gene is one of Webnovel’s most popular novel.

10. I’m Really a Superstar

I'm really a superstar web novel comedy

Action Adventure Comedy Drama Slice of Life

I’m Really a Superstar is a popular contemporary comedy novel. This well-written novel provides insight into Chinese culture and tradition.

The general premise is that the main character, Zhang Ye, appears on another modern-day Earth with a game ring. The game ring is powered by ‘Reputation’. He gains ‘Reputation’ if people approve of something he did. He can use the Reputation points to get various benefits and skills.

Overall, this novel has good world-building, well-written characters, and good comedy. The only flaw in this novel is that it was banned.

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Thanks for reading. These are all the best novels to read on Webnovel. Let me know if I have missed any good ones. I will be sure to add those on part 3.

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