29 Best Underrated Web Novels To Read | Hidden Gems

The number of web novels has been increasing so much recently that I some genuinely good novels are getting buried under vast medicore web novels and are not getting recognition. This post is a “back to the past” kind of post where I recommend underrated web novels from the past as well as present. I … Read more

Web Novel With Most Mixed Reviews

Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate is a web novel that dives headfirst into the increasingly popular genre of Lit RPG, throwing readers into a world where every human has been transported to the High Continent and tasked with becoming a Lord, vying for supremacy in a chaotic free-for-all. While the novel delivers on the promise … Read more

A POV You Didn’t Know you Needed | Novel Review

The Time-Limited Leader Makes the Raid a Success distinguishes itself in the crowded genre of dungeon and tower novels, a field populated by well-known titles like Solo Leveling, Second Life Ranker, Dungeon Reset, etc. Related: Top Web Novels with Smart Main Characters While many entries in this genre tend to follow a predictable formula, The … Read more

This New Cultivation Novel is Just Good

Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms is a xianxia fantasy novel set in an ancient Chinese-inspired world filled with martial artists and cultivators. Readers can expect a story with elements of adventure, court intrigue, power struggles, and more importantly a lot of face-slapping. Similar to this Novel: Legend of Ling Tian Secular Immortal of the … Read more

20 Best ShowBiz Web Novels

Web novels focusing on the entertainment industry have become wildly popular in recent years. Ranging from stories about rising superstars to behind-the-scenes industry drama, these online works provide an addictive glimpse into the glamorous world of show business. For fans wanting to dive into the captivating world of showbiz web novels, there are many excellent … Read more

A New Guide To Machine Translate Novels (100% Easy & Free)

In this article, I will take you step by step towards the new method: how to machine translate novels easily. I have been reading Deep Sea Embers. It is one of the best ongoing novels, so I just couldn’t stop myself from wanting more. What are my options? Go to machine translation sites like Novelhi … Read more