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Not wanting to be trampled on, there are two ways. One is to become strong, strong until no one dares to step on you. Another is to turn into dog shit, something no one would want to step on.
This was the harshness of reality, and also the beauty of fate. In this world, everyone is a main character, but everyone is also a side character.
In this life I hope to become the real moon, rising above the mountains and heavens, toying with the clouds and seas, following the ancient times and walk in the darkness above the various heavens.
I can kill others, others can naturally come to kill me. This is nothing.
Why would insults matter to me? Insults were insults, what could they do? A superficial person would be angry due to curses and would be happy due to praises. These were just bystanders’ ways of looking at you. Those who lived according to others’ points of view were really pitiful. They are just pawns, merely restrained dogs. What truly stalls a person’s success is not talent, but the mindset. Criticize, trying to impart these morals to the people, not allowing others to have more freedom than them. In this process, they would even enjoy this ridiculous moral superiority and bliss. Any organization, once a person is born, would impart their morals and rules, constantly brainwashing. Those that want to surpass humanity’s achievements have to break this restraint on their mindset. Sadly, most people are trapped by this their entire lives, using this to move forward with motivation and even use their chained collar as a symbol of pride. A superficial person would be angry due to curses and would be happy due to praises. These were just bystanders’ ways of looking at you. Those who lived according to others’ points of view were really pitiful.
You are old. Uncle. Your great ambitions and aspirations have already disappeared from your youth. These years, you have lived an easy life and it has corrupted your heart. You are vying for the family assets, not for cultivation but to maintain your rich life. With such a mentality, how could you obstruct me?
I would rather let the world down, than be let down by the world!!!
Humans are like isolated islands, floating in the sea of fate. Human encounters are like the collision of these lonely islands, and once they touch, there would be an effect. Sometimes, the islands would stick together, in the name of ‘interest’, ‘kinship’, ‘friendship’, ‘love’ and ‘hate’. But eventually, they would separate, walking towards the path of destruction.
This is the truth behind life.
Hahahaha, Ba Gui, you are too naive. What is a sin? Committing a sin means one deserves death, that is only the weaklings’ naive and helpless expectation, they spread such ideology, hoping people would abide by it so as to protect these weaklings. As for me, I want to be a person who commits a sin, yet is able to roam freely and travel the world, a demonic head who slaughters living beings and enjoys all that I can get. I not only want to slaughter Gu Masters, I also want to succeed in refining the second aperture Gu and become the greatest winner! Ba Gui, feel this, what do you think this is?
Fang Yuan leaned towards planning and plotting when he did things. He was not a brute, but when there was a necessity to fight, he would pick up his blade with no fear or cowardice.
“If I have to say that this person has a principle, then his principle is to have no bottom line.” “And if I say this person has a bottom line, then his bottom line is to have no principle!”
Those who step into upper society, who does not have bloodstained hands, stepping on corpses along the way? A capitalist’s initial startup fund, the process is always bloody. Any politician’s hands are dirty, and the so-called philanthropists are merely using money to gain recognition in society.

It is just that the successful are apt in hiding their past acts, and those who believe the stories of the successors are truly fools.

“These fools are everywhere, restrained by emotions and morals, they deserve to be stupidly manipulated by rules. What’s sadder is that when they see others not being restrained, they would jump out and criticize, trying to impart these morals to the people, not allowing others to have more freedom than them. In this process, they would even enjoy this ridiculous moral superiority and bliss.”
Ambitious mountains with steps firm as steel
taking large strides with unwavering determination
taking risks to obtain the essence of the universe,
my heart still seeks to rise beyond the heavens
Fang Yuan on musing of his goals of Immortality
“Ask yourself, listen to your own inner voice. What do you want to do? What kind of person do you want to be, where do you want to go? You can get an answer in your own heart.” Don’t because of their attitude, Feel wronged in your own mind. If you often feel wronged yourself, then you will regret it, you will often bring a mask and become another person, anyway, not the real you.” I’m tired of living with a mask… I want to live with my true face and want to achieve my goals in the way I want to the most. Only when I am alive can I feel the passion of life and the desire for life!”
Humans only live for a hundred years, it is as unreal as a dream that ends in an instant. What is the point of a person living in this world? No more than just being on a journey, and witnessing interesting things. Although I do not want to die, I do not fear death. I am already on my right path, I have no regrets even if I die.
Only eternal life, this majestic and unattainable target, could make the journey of his life become more interesting.

This was the meaning he gave to this life! Pursuing eternal life did not mean he was afraid of death or afraid of failure. He calmly accepted death and failure. Whether eternal life existed or not, there was no evidence to prove it. But even if it did not exist, so what? He enjoyed the process. In the process of pursuing eternal life, he found his meaning and felt that this life was quite interesting. The lowly lust and desires of his body, satisfaction of love and hatred, he was already tired of them.

Only eternal life was worthy of being his target to pursue
I was wrong!

I thought that he was a heartless person or was filled with hatred and rage, that was the reason for his evil actions. But the truth is, he has abundant emotions, he does not lack anything. Even though he pursues strength, he is not obsessed with it. What drives him to do this is his goal. This goal is deeply ingrained in his heart, not only three lifetimes, even after a hundred lifetimes, it cannot be eradicated.

This person cannot be reformed.
“I had once screamed, gradually, I lost my voice.

I had once cried, gradually, I lost my tears.

I had once grieved, gradually, I became able to withstand everything.

I had once rejoiced, gradually, I became unmoved by the world.

And now!

All I have left is an expressionless face, my gaze is as tough as a monolith, only perseverance remains in my heart.

This is my own, an insignificant character, Fang Yuan’s — Perseverance!”
“A shitty reputation compared to a good reputation is always easier to obtain and maintain.”
 “Humans, in the process of understanding what life was, would often have already used up half of their lives.”
But rules were just formless restrictions, as time passed, as the profits grew, they would have less effect.
Fang Yuan pursued eternal life, he was willing to sacrifice anything including himself. Even if he failed and died along the way, he would feel happy and content, because he lived pursuing his dreams, he felt a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment towards life.
There was no absolutely desperate situation in this world, there were only people who despair.
The answer to resolving problems will always be in our own hands; when we inspect our inner hearts, we will find that the miraculous heavenly power was in ourselves all along!
To discover oneself, to recognize oneself, and to rely on oneself!
Fairy Bai Qing looked at her daughter lovingly, she said again: “Huang Er, no matter what, you have to become stronger, and face death head on! Death is not scary, everybody dies, not even a rank nine venerable is spared from it. Your father might be dead or alive. But one day, I will certainly die, and so will you. Never be defeated by the fear in your heart.”
“I have to agree, an invincible mindset is a basis for becoming invincible. He has such a mindset, it is simply demonic, but because of this, his mind will never waver, everything in this world will only reinforce that misconceived ideology!”