As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills Review (Low Key + Ruthless MC )

As an Immortal, I only learn Forbidden Skills joins the line of web novels featuring an immortal protagonist who maintains a low-profile while gradually amassing power to vanquish adversaries. This novel is similar to other web novels in the genre of Low Profile plus Immortal protagonists, such as Immortal In Magic World but with a … Read more

Top 17 NEW Manhwa/Manhua with Overpowered Main Character

This article features 17 best Manhwa/Manhua with an overpowered main character. You can read thousands of Manhwa and Manhua on Webnovel. Ultimate Scheming System Leveling System- Shameless Protagonist- Harem– Hilarious Comedy- Recommended When Xu Que found himself in a cultivation world where there is the rule of jungle rules. Finding himself weak and with a … Read more