As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills Review (Low Key + Ruthless MC )

As an Immortal, I only learn Forbidden Skills joins the line of web novels featuring an immortal protagonist who maintains a low-profile while gradually amassing power to vanquish adversaries.

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This novel is similar to other web novels in the genre of Low Profile plus Immortal protagonists, such as Immortal In Magic World but with a unique flavor.

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Review of As an Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills

As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills Review


In this tale, we journey alongside Jiang Ming as he transitions from being a humble herb gatherer to a powerful cultivator in an unknown world, applying discretion and strategic patience to overcome his adversaries.

With over 390 chapters, the story offers a thrilling experience for those who enjoy reading about resourceful, intelligent protagonists who prefer to remain under the radar before launching into action.

Distinctly from Top Tier Providence in the same genre of low-profile protagonists, this novel doesn’t have System which provides level-up to the protagonists.

This review will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of As an Immortal, I only learn Forbidden Skills.


World Building

Despite noticeable cliches and similarities with other novels, As an Immortal, I only learn Forbidden Skills shines in its detailed world-building.

The plot vividly depicts the world, its inhabitants, and their survival tactics in a law-of-the-jungle environment. As Jiang Ming transitions to new stages or worlds, previous settings are not neglected, and side characters receive due attention.

The plot also weaves in intriguing mysteries, further enhancing its appeal.

Power System

The power system stands as a high point of the novel. It is easy to comprehend and elegantly integrates with the plot.

When Jiang Ming ascends to the next stage, previous power systems remain relevant and seamlessly woven into the narrative progression.

Main Character

Jiang Ming exhibits both respected and ruthless traits. He is intelligent and considerate towards allies, offering assistance even when it compromises his low-profile strategy.

Conversely, he is merciless towards enemies, deploying whatever means necessary to eliminate them or escape. His varied techniques to maintain a behind-the-scenes role further enrich the narrative.


Main Character

Jiang Ming’s portrayal raises concerns. His immediate resort to murder after transmigration from Earth is jarring and lacks context.

Certain plot elements lack clarity, such as how he improves his disguise technique upon reaching a new world.

Lack of Novelty and Depth

For avid web novel readers, the plot may appear too familiar.

The tendency in these novels to underdevelop their side characters and forget previous worlds and power systems is also an issue here, although to a lesser degree.

The story can become predictable and monotonous for seasoned readers despite its robust power system.

Worth A Read?

So, is “As an Immortal, I only learn Forbidden Skills” a worthwhile read?

Absolutely, if you can overlook certain flaws, if you’ve enjoyed Top Tier Providence and Immortal in the Magic World, this novel should also pique your interest.

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