25 Best Adult Mature Manhwas To Read

Hey Everyone, in this article, I will be discussing the best adult mature Manhwas and Comics worth reading. Let’s get started. Top Adult and Mature Manhwas and Comics Secret Class Genre: Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy Synopsis: At the age of 13, Dae Ho became an orphan, and his father’s friend adopted him. Dae … Read more

Anime That You Should Watch In Private (Part 1)

Every post in this series we will go over an anime that you should probaly watch in private. More specifically, ones that would be tough to explain to someone if they happen to look over your shoulder. And then there are anime that for some reason or another, are more enjoyable when watched by yourself. Instead of with a crowd of people or friends.

Top 12 Adult/Mature Novels Part 1

Top 12 Adult/Mature Novels Part 1 I don’t think I need to give an introduction to Adult novels. Everybody knows about that. Basically, Adult novels have s*x inside plot or only s*x. Who doesn’t love a good R-18 Novel? I read them as long as there are plot and logic in the story. Check out … Read more