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You DEFINITELY Missed These 5 Romance Anime!

There are romance anime you have been recommended a hundred times, while there are those you’ve never heard about.

This list has some of those anime you definitely missed. Maybe someone didn’t recommend it or you didn’t know it even exists, but these are romance anime you shouldn’t miss.

Let’s get started. Here’s the list of Romance Anime you may have Missed.

1. Hiiro No Kakera

missed romance anime Hiiro no Kakera
On her way to visit a village from her past, Tamaki comes across a strange white creature that can talk. Soon she finds herself surrounded by menacing creatures when she is saved by a mysterious man.

Status: Season 1 and Season 2, 26 episodes

If you’re looking for a fantasy show with lots of magic, action, and romance, you’ll enjoy Hiiro no Kakera. The Romance is heartwarming. Don’t be misguided by what others say. Watch it and judge it yourself, although I insist this romance anime won’t disappoint you.

2. KimiKiss Pure Rouge

KimiKiss Pure Rouge
Kouichi Sanada and Kazuki Aihara’s childhood friend Mao Mizusawa has returned after living in France for several years. Kouichi is surprised to learn that his mother has agreed to let Mao stay with them since her parents are remaining overseas for the time being. The three friends help each other deal with the ups and downs of high school romance.

Status: 24 episodes + Special episodes

A simple, casual, and slice of life story about high school students and their romantic adventure. It has many cliches, like love triangles, but is still a fun watch. If you compare this to Clannad, Plastic Memories, etc, you may not love the story but if you watch it with an open mind, you will love the romance and concepts of love presented here. 

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3. Please teacher!

Please teacher! Anime image
A high school student is forced to marry an alien to preserve her secrets.

Status: 12 episodes

The romance between an Alien Teacher and a Human Student, filled with comedy and a strong romantic core. What else do you need?

4. Romeo x Juliet

tragedy anime Romeo x Juliet

On the floating continent of Neo Verona, the Montague family slaughters the entire Capulet family and seizes control of the kingdom. The true heir to the throne, Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet, manages to escape the onslaught and is hidden away by loyalists for 14 years with the hope that she may one day overthrow the cruel Montague regime.

Despite having forgotten the murder of her entire family, Juliet now secretly protects the oppressed citizens of Neo Verona as a vigilante called the Red Whirlwind. During one of her escapades, she meets Romeo Candorebanto Montague, the kind and selfless son of the tyrannical Prince Laertes Montague, and without knowledge of each other’s background, they both fall in love at first sight.

Unfortunately, however, their destiny is a cursed one: not only does each of the two families wish to obliterate the other, but an ancient secret hidden beneath Neo Verona also threatens their undying love for each other. Will they be able to defy the stars, or is this truly a love that can never be?

Status: 24 episodes

Filled with sweet and touching moments capable of giving you diabetes, complete with dark and hateful moments that can make you stand on your toes, this is a really good romance anime that can bring tears to your eyes. 

5. Koi Kaze

taboo anime Koi Kaze
Saeki Koushirou works as a wedding planner, but his own love life is in shambles. His background makes it difficult for him to commit himself wholeheartedly to love. The child of a divorced couple, he lives with his father. He has a mother and a sister, but he has not seen them in years. After being dumped by his girlfriend, a chance encounter with a female high school student shakes Koushirou’s calm and awakens new feelings in him—but he learns that the girl is in fact his sister, who will now be staying with his father and him. Yet, the feelings in Koushirou’s heart…

Status: 13 episodes

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This underrated 2004 anime is about a taboo romance between brother and sister and is a rare gem that will greatly impact you. Watch it: despite being depressing, it is DEFINITELY enjoyable.

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