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“Mark Twain once said: ‘It isn’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just isn’t so.’ Sometimes, you should doubt things that you’ve never doubted before. You’ll get unexpected answers from unexpected places.”

“Is unconditionally liking something a bad thing after all?”

“When you say that you like every facet of something unconditionally, is that really liking that something? What do you think?”

“I was originally someone who was generous to myself. Whether it’s studying or sports, I always found a suitable middle point. That’s the only way I can receive less stress. If I lower the standards even further, I wouldn’t receive any stress at all.”

“It’s because I don’t want you to resent me. If my words influence you, and you end up failing later on in life, you will remember this moment. You might swear at me. I don’t want to get sworn at in a place I don’t know.”

You can’t buy happiness with money, but crying in a Benz is much more comfortable than crying on a bicycle

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