You MUST Watch Forever and Ever Chinese Drama

Forever and Ever  Chinese Drama

While Watching Forever and Ever Chinese Drama, I was deeply fascinated by the cinematography/visuals. The way everything was shot was very pleasing to the eyes. Of course, the storytelling and the acting was also brilliant. I found the romance between the leads was ethereal and beautiful.

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Set in modern times, Forever and Ever tells the story of Shiyi, a sweet and talented voice actress, and Zhousheng Chen, an overseas returnee chemistry professor. They meet at the airport and Shiyi immediately gets attracted to him. They only meet after six months and as they interact with each other, they began to fall in love. This drama explores the relationship between the male lead and the female lead as they slowly began getting to know each other and how both of them face the difficulties.

Let’s discuss why I am recommending this drama.

Storytelling and Visuals

The Storytelling of this drama is brilliant. The plot itself moves slowly as the romance between the leads develops at an unhurried and proper pace and the world surrounding them unfolds at the same pace. There are many sweet and humorous moments in the drama.

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The cinematography is dreamlike and noble, with its warm color palette and pleasant color grading. Almost every shot in the drama is beautifully framed.

Forever and Ever  Chinese Drama shiyi and zhonseng cheng together


romance in Forever and Ever Chinese Drama

Zhousheng Chen has little knowledge of romance since he has always been in his lab doing experiments. Shiyi has to take the initiative in their romance. Zhousheng has many things he wants to do with Shiyi and wants to take the initiative but maybe due to his nature, he is hesitant.

Like one time when he wanted to hug her but he didn’t and when asked why he said “I couldn’t find a proper time.”

But his love for Shiyi could be seen through his small gestures and actions and especially his eyes.

Marriage scene in Forever and Ever  Chinese Drama

Shiyi is a determined and thoughtful girl and her love is unwavering for Zhousheng. She wants to be with Zhousheng in all of his happy and sad moments.

best moments in Forever and Ever  Chinese Drama

I was deeply impressed by their acting. I was cheering for Zhousheng to take the lead in romance and also for Shiyi to be bold. There were plenty of sad moments in the story. I felt sad when they broke down. The way their romance was developing, they portrayed their emotions in happiness and sadness was great and felt realistic.

Besides Zhousheng Chen and Shiyi, other characters also did a wonderful job. I loved the actresses who played the role of Zhousheng’s mother and sister in the drama. Their acting was also amazing.

There are many mysteries and complex situations which reveals slowly. Both the leads face the situations together and become each other strengths.

I was always questioning, “If there is a happy ending in this drama?” while watching this drama. I am glad there was one.

The music and the dialogues were on another level as well. The conversations are profound and the music just takes every moment to another level.


Shiyi Love in Forever and Ever  Chinese Drama

Forever and Ever Chinese Drama is just on another level. I was impressed by everything in this drama, be it acting, romance, storytelling, or dialogues. Everything felt amazing while watching.

I got to know while writing this review that Forever and Ever is a sequel to another drama, One and Only (周生如故). However, even though I didn’t watch the first part, this drama was not confusing to follow. So if you haven’t watched One and Only, no need to worry.

At last, I want to mention that I would like to revisit this drama in the future again.

Tell me your thoughts about this drama. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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