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Kingdom Building Novel Review: Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece

Kingdom-building novels are one of my favorite genres. When I first learned about the Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece web novel, I went straight to it and began reading. What a fantastic read!

With 1324 chapters, Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece is a good historical kingdom-building web novel. The web novel focuses on all of the major events, wars, and well-known personalities such as Plato from medieval periods when wars were common and had engulfed all of ancient Greece.

I struggled to read the first 20 chapters. The names of historical persons and places were difficult to remember, and all those big historical events were difficult to follow at first for someone like me who didn’t know anything about them.

However, as I read more chapters, things began to make more sense. At the same time, both the author and the translator did an excellent job of explaining those historical events and details.

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The Story starts as Davos awakens in the body of a young Greek warrior who is a mercenary fighting in a rebellion in Persia. With the death of the rebellion’s main leader, the entire mercenary team is thrown into chaos. The story focuses on the adventures of Davos and his companions as they start to flee from Persia and go on to find their own powerful nation from a small city-state.

The Good


I like how things don’t automatically appear in the story in the name of modern knowledge in historical times. There’s no such thing as making guns, bullets, powder, and bombs. No, the author introduces such things that are only possible in those times.

Good Use of Knowledge

The main character understands what is important and what should be prioritized. If Davos sees someone important, such as Plato, he will try everything he can to poach him. He is aware of all significant events and makes every effort to take advantage of them.

Main Character

Davos is a wise, cruel, and capable leader. He understands the significance of this and that it is what gets the job done. He begins as the ruler of a small city-state and gradually expands his empire. Drakos focuses on building new schools, granting people fair rights, introducing new systems such as establishing a judiciary system, and developing new products such as surgical types of equipment for doctors, and other many useful things. The majority of these is a plausible addition to historical time.

Drakos, who lives in a time when wars are constant, learns from history and trains his army to be powerful and fearless. The majority of the story revolves around the war.

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Info Dumps

Most of the information dumps are in the author’s note. If anyone doesn’t want to read it, they can skip it.


The amount of research done by the author in this story is just amazing. You can feel that while reading this story.

The Bad

Character Development

There is some character development in the story but those come very later in the story. Most of the focus of the story is on the main character which honestly I didn’t prefer. However, later the story starts to focus on the other character as well.

Readers should note that this novel is huge on its own since it is based on history. Therefore, there are many characters in the story, It is going to be hard to keep track of all of them.


This is my personal opinion. I kinda felt the author focused too much on the wars.


Luck favors Main Character a bit too much. But It still doesn’t take away the enjoyment while reading.

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The romance and harem are fine.


It felt really great while reading this story. Honestly, I am quite surprised at finding a Chinese web novel this good and without a hint of nationalism. After Lord of the Mysteries, Reverend Insanity, and Night Ranger, I didn’t think I could find an equally good Chinese web novel.

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There are so good novels waiting to be discovered.

You can read Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece at InsanityCave or at WNMTL (Machine translation Site, but has a good translation)

Next, I am thinking of reading another Kingdom Building Novel Holy Roman Empire.

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If you have any novel suggestions, feel free to comment. Or if you have any other suggestions, do comment.

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