Lord Of The Mysteries Anime Trailer (Donghua) Released

I have been so excited when I heard the news about Lord Of The Mysteries web novel getting anime adaptation. I love Lord Of The Mysteries, in fact, the first review article which I wrote on this website was the review of Lord Of The Mysteries. If you haven’t read Lord of the Mysteries, then … Read more

The Apothecary Diaries Gets Anime Adaptation: Premiere Set for 2023!

Great news for fans of the popular light novel series, The Apothecary Diaries! It has just been announced that the series will be adapted into an anime television series, set to premiere in 2023. The news was revealed on February 16, 2023, and fans of the series are already buzzing with excitement. Related: What is … Read more

Reverend Insanity’s Author New Book is Finally getting Translated

Reverend Insanity's Author New Book

Reverend Insanity’s Author, Gu Zhen Ren, new book titled Infinite Blood Core is finally getting translated by Webnovel. Here’s the link to the novel: Webnovel After Reverend Insanity got banned in China, Gu Zhen Ren, decided to write the new book 无限血核. This post contains some sponsored links Infinite Blood Core Novel Information Synopsis: There … Read more