Your Life in April But the Boy is gonna Die

Tell Me How to Forget About You novel

Tell Me How to Forget About You tells the warming story of the 20-year-old Shut-in Shuu Matsumoto and his constant struggle with hope.

Manga Information:

Tell me How to Forget about You manga cover

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Name: Tell Me How to Forget About You

Alternative: I’m Still Thinking About You. ; Kimi no Wasurekata Wo Oshiete; キミの忘れかたを教えて

Author(s) : Hanada Momose, Amasaki Mirito

Status : Ongoing

Genre: Drama, Romance, Seinen

Read: Mangadex


I’m dying, but you still won’t forgive me.

“With half a year remaining――I’m going to die as is.”

Dropping out of college and becoming a NEET, Matsumoto, Shuu, who felt it wasn’t worth living anymore, visited his alma-mater through the invitation of his long time friend, Tomi-san.

That was where he met his childhood friend turned celebrity, Kiriyama, Sayane… The wheel of fate turns for Shuu once again.

A heroine who is lonely despite being a prodigy, a protagonist who strives to become a normal person. Though different from each other, both will be drawn together through the ups and downs of their youth.

Manga adaptation of the light novel by Amasaki Mirito with character designs by Fly (フライ).

My Thoughts:

I am still not sure if the Shuu dies as we haven’t reached that part. Still, according to the Summary, it is clear that he is gonna die soon.

Overwhelmed with the thoughts of dying, he doesn’t want to anything meaningful in life. I am gonna die anyway

There’s no hope left in Shuu’s life. He just wants to laze every day until he dies.

But this story is not solely about him. This is also a story about a genius girl who wants to move forward together with the average boy. While the average boy moves away from genius, thinking he is dragging her down.

This is their bittersweet story.

This novel is similar to Your Lie in April which left me in tears and I have the same expectation with this manga. I wanted to know what will be the girl’s reaction once she knows the boy is gonna die.

I found this Tell Me How to Forget About You Manga has a novel. That’s why I am making a separate short post for this manga to attract the attention of translators. I really want this novel to be translated.

Here’s the Link to the Novel on Novelupdates. There’s one chapter translated.

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