List of Manhwas: My Rankings

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The Rankings consists of translated Korean Manhwas, Webtoons, Manhua, and other original comics. This Rankings only consist of the manhwas/manhuas which I have read. Epic Best of Best Best Good Average Bad Guilty Reading * indicates Mature content Updating… Epic Best of Best Girls of the Wild’s [ Read Manhwa ] The Breakers Skeleton Soldier … Read more

4 Best Korean Villainess Novels

Korean Manhwa and Novels

Top 4 Korean Villainess Novels “The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.” Alfred Hitchcock All of us are more or less familiar with novels featuring righteous female protagonists who travel step by step from the depths of hell to the top of the world without letting themselves be seduced by the allure … Read more

Top 10 Romance Manga Recommendations (Video)

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When we think of romance, we think about love, sweet moments, heartbreaks, intimate relationships, and more.
The same feelings are present in romance manga!
Everyone experiences love. No one is an exception!
The romance genre is perfect for readers who crave heart-tugging, heart-fluttering, and heart-wrenching moments.