All of Us Are Dead Drama Review

An honest review: All Of Us Are Dead

all of us are dead drama review

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I was in search of some zombie dramas to add to my watchlist. And All Of Us Are Dead was released at the perfect time, and I binged watched all of the episodes. I can sound a little biased as I am all up for any zombie ventures. The main point is: Is it worth YOUR time?

Its plot is similar to many other zombie dramas. Set mainly inside school premises, a sudden rabid-like disease causes chaos in the lives of the students, and they have to survive when they are abandoned by the responsible adults. If you are looking for a simple, classic zombie drama, you might want to give it a chance. 

Why am I recommending “All of Us Are Dead” Korean drama?

Good aspects and bad aspects

I am mixing both aspects because I found many flaws in the same good aspect. So bear with me and decide for yourself what you want to do.

Characters and their Acting

all of us are dead korean drama characters

What I loved about this drama was the characters and their dynamics in the drama. I love how different characters are incorporated into the drama instead of spotlighting the main characters. The performances given by each character are flawless, and you might want to root for them deeply. The romance is also heartwarming and pleasing to see, making you more invested in the show.

When it comes to character flaws, the personal growth of the characters is given little weight. So many brilliant performers are wasted because they are killed off in a haphazard manner, making the audience feel foolish for anticipating a better climax from their work.

They killed the grownups who were given so much screen time in the beginning only to show that teenagers are on their own. The primary flaw in this drama is that it prioritized quantity over quality, which could have been a plus point for this drama because the more characters you have, the more dynamic and flexibility you can generate in the drama. But instead, they’ve dropped the above hints at first, only to wrap them up like junk to be tossed away. I don’t want to talk more about it since the character’s arch is super flawed.

Story and its execution

Zombies in All of us are dead korean drama

It’s a survival/zombie drama. As a result, it has a lot of potential to be a terrific, heart-pounding, and nail-biting thriller. However, it is a straightforward drama aimed mostly at teenagers. It’s a no-brainer since a group of kids can outlast creatures that only know how to consume people. So dang, you may think you’ll be able to survive a real-life zombie apocalypse.

A high school is turned into the epicenter of a zombie virus epidemic. Students that are trapped must battle their way out or risk becoming one of the rabid afflicted. This is a general overview of the drama. The good news is that this drama tries to include many important survival techniques that I haven’t seen before in survival dramas, such as how to make a toilet. The downside is that it might have concentrated more on skills that can be applied in real life, making it more realistic than some ridiculous teen show.


On one side, It’s a straight-up classic teen zombie drama, filled with heart-pounding action, a cast of characters that some may relate to, and truly emotional and tragic scenes in between and near the conclusion. The entire group gives excellent performances, and their friendship and romantic aspects are well-developed.

On the other hand, it appears to be intelligent with all of that big star cast, gore, zombies, and survival tips, but it isn’t well-executed. The actors were not properly utilized. It focused more on zombies and gore.

The plot may have been more interesting, but it went a very straightforward downhill path. So only if you’re a zombie lover like me, you should attempt it. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time.

You can watch this Korean drama on Netflix.

Thanks for reading. Do tell me in the comments about your thoughts on my All Of Us Are Dead Drama Review.

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