Lord of the Mysteries Getting An Anime Adaptation

Klien Playing with Tarot cards in Lord of the Mysteries web novel
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Hey Guys, I have a good news to share with you all.

From the title, you all have guessed what am I talking about. Yes, the Lord of the Mysteries web novel is getting an Anime Adaptation.

The Cuttlefish that loves diving aka the author of the most popular web novel Lord of the Mysteries hinted that there be an anime adaptation of Lord of the Mysteries.

In a recent raws chapter of Embers Ad Infinitum (Author’s new novel), Cuttlefish gave an update about LOTM animation.

PS: I originally wanted to insist on not having single updates, but I had the final talks with the person-in-charge and producer of the Lord of the Mysteries animation yesterday. In the end, I couldn’t write. Today, I had to rely on my stockpile. Sigh, I can only do a single update tomorrow and the day after. I hope everyone can be magnanimous. In addition, here’s me reporting to everyone that after I chat with the Lord of the Mysteries animation director later, the entire project will begin. Yesterday, we mainly talked about the worldview, creative ideas, and other generalities. It’s quite congenial.

Source: r/Lordofthemysteries

I am very excited by this news. (I hope it’s not 3D though.) Lord of the Mysteries has always been my favorite web novel and none of the other web novels came close to this masterpiece.

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What do you think about this news? Do Share your thoughts.

If you haven’t already read the novel, you can find the novel on Webnovel.

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