Lord of the Mysteries Author’s New Book is now Online

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Lord of the Mysteries News

The Author of the most popular novel Lord of the Mysteries, Cuttlefish That Loves Diving, has released his new book.

LOTM new

The book’s new name is “The last flames in the long night” or “Long Night Fire”. (The names are translated from online machine translators. I am sure the translator will come up with a good name.)

Edit: u/GuanZhong suggested Embers of Eternal Night. Sounds Cool.

So far only two chapters have been uploaded since writing this post.

You can find the novel here: LINK

UPDATE: The novel has been officially translated. You can read the book on Webnovel.

Please Support the novel by spending Stones to unlock the chapters.


The synopsis of the novel is:


Machine Translated Summary: All on the grey earth believed that buried deep in some relic of danger and famine, there was a path to a new world, if only a unique key could be found to open that door. There, the earth is bountiful, as if flowing with milk and honey, and the sun is glorious and seems to wash away the cold and gloom. People no longer have to face barrenness, monsters, infections, deformities, and all manner of dangers. There, children are happy, adults are happy, and all is well. Every antiquarian, relic hunter and historical researcher on the Grey Earth knew that this was the New World. (Credits: u/Gamivore)

Many fans were looking forward to Cuttlefish’s new novel after the end of Lord of the Mysteries and are curious about what this new novel is about.

Now the questions have been answered, the novel setting is post-apocalyptic. Let’s see how well the novel does.

One thing to note is that many fans will be comparing this novel with Lord of the mysteries, so expectations are set very high.

For more information about the new book, Click here.

If you haven’t read the book yet, you can find the book on Webnovel.

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