How to read comics like Solo Leveling for Free?

Hello Guys, If you are here looking for a method to read Manhwa, Manhuas, and Comics like Solo Leveling, Tales of Demons and Gods, Release that witch and others for free then you have come to the right place.

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The method I’m about to share with you is simple and straightforward. It is not an illegal method, and there are no advertisements.

Web novel comics such as Beauty and the Beasts, Tales of Demons and Gods, Sword king in women's world and so on
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Let me tell you how can you Read Webnovel Comics for free?.

To begin, you must first download the Webnovel App.

webnovel mobile app full of comics like solo leveling, Sword King in a women's world, I have a mansion in Post Apocalyptic world etc

The app is available on Google Play and Appstore. The following is a link to the Appstore/Playstore to download Webnovel.

Download Webnovel

After downloading, you must create a Webnovel account.

In the search box, type in Solo Leveling.

Solo leveling in Web novel
Chapters of solo leveling comics

Don’t get too excited just yet; after reading a few chapters, you’ll notice that the chapters are locked. Coins are required for unlocking.

You do not, however, need to purchase the coins. You can simply use Fast Pass to unlock those chapters. Each day, you can get four Fast Passes.

Chapters locked in solo leveling comics
Buy coins in Web novel

Here’s what you need to do get Fast Pass in Webnovel

My web novel profile

Go to the Profile on the Webnovel Application.

Then Tap on Rewards

How you can earn coins in Web novel

Here you can find the four easy things you need to do for four Fast Passes.

After earning four Fast Pass, you can unlock the Solo Leveling locked chapter, as well as any other comics’ locked chapter, for free.

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Many of you may be thinking that the comics have hundreds of chapters, but there are only four Fast Pass. However, keep in mind that those Manhwas and Manhuas will be released on a weekly basis. Since you’ll be getting 28 Fast Passes per week, I believe that’s more than enough.

If you find yourself wanting to read more but don’t have enough Fast Pass, there are other ways to earn coins. You can either purchase the coins or simply invite your friends to receive free coins.

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