Popular Chinese Web Novels (Discussing Flaws)

Started as really good concepts and novels with big potential but still, the novels somehow didn’t manage to win the readers’ hearts completely. Let’s talk about the reason behind the failure of these 5 Awesome Web Novels with good concepts and great potential.

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Library of Heaven’s Path

popular chinese web novel library of Heaven's path

Started by giving us heavy doses of laughs, this masterpiece quickly became dull after a hundred chapters or so.

Let me give you a quick summary of this novel.

Zhang Xuan traverses into a foreign world and becomes an honorable teacher. A mysterious library appears in his mind. As long as it is something he has seen, regardless of whether it is a human or an object, a book on its weakness would be automatically compiled. 

Let’s discuss about the main reason of its fall:

The first and the main reason is that the repetition of the Face-Slapping scenes many times over and over. A character insults/scolds the MC saying he isn’t capable (painter/beast tamer/physician/blacksmith).. blah blah then another character appears saying he is thankful for his help(for painting/ for taming the beast/ for treating the disease/ for making the weapon). Here comes the Face-Slapping. This scene has been done over and over… the author has milked this face slapping to 2000 chapters.


One character to MC: You can’t do this. You are just a one-star teacher. Another character (who just arrived) to MC: Thanks for your help. You are better than two-star teachers. First one: ” ”

The Good:

Even then I can’t say that the novel is bad. There are many goods in the novel. The world development is done really well. Character development is fine. I loved the relationship between the MC and his students. The growth and adventure of his students are also fun to read. However, I thought the author should have put more focus on them.

You can find the novel on Amazon and Webnovel. It is a completed novel with 2268 chapters.

Reincarnation of the strongest sword god

Reincarnation of the strongest sword god best web novel pdf epub

This second chance novel quickly went downhill after showing a lot of potential at first which made readers so frustrated and angry that some are still reading it for some reason while giving others “DO NOT read” advice.


After being betrayed and losing everything, MC is reincarnated just before the game God’s Domain is released. With his prior knowledge to back him up and ten years of experience playing the game, he rises up once again.

The Fall:

I am not sure how to describe it in one or two sentences. The problem is novel itself. Anything can happen when the plot needs it. Reason and logic can go to hell.

MC is very lucky. One in million chance drop items gets dropped when MC needs it, yet not lucky enough when the plot needs him to become weak for no reason. Imagine getting OP items, yet having difficulty fighting low-level assassins.

Another problem would be the story getting repetitive as it progresses.

MC: It took me thousands of level 100 players to kill his monster.

Also MC with few hundreds level 40 and 50 players: Let’s go to kill the monster

The Good:

It is good and interesting at first then It was enjoyable as I decided to throw logic and reason out of my mind.

You can find the novel on Amazon and Webnovel.

Godly Model Creator

best web novel Godly model creator

Started with a generic theme, this novel had something really different and unique to offer but let’s say it tried to stand up at first but ultimately yet quickly fell in the piles of generic books.


With the arrival of the Origin ability era, Su Hao, an ordinary 3rd-year high school student, mastered a lowly grade origin ability named “Model analysis”. This is his story as he tries to survive and stand out in the world with berserk beasts and other humans with superpowers.

The Fall:

There are many plot holes in the story.

Yes, there are plot holes… massive ones. It’s like the author is smoking weeds while writing chapters at night and the next morning when he writes, he forgot the rules/scenes he set up last night. MC’s ability is making models with his mind and after an “accident”, it evolved to “copying other people’s passive trait”. It’s not temporary but permanent. Another thing is when MC goes OP, the author is like “You couldn’t be more wrong.”

MC has a beautiful and hot girl.
Also MC: Why would they attack me?

The Good:

I really liked the concept of the Model in this novel. This concept was really unique and many amazing plots could be written if the author fully developed this ability correctly.

But it could be seen at some point the author just stopped thinking and made the ability generic. Besides this, world development is done finely. Romance is good too.

You can read the story in Webnovel.

Emperor’s Domination

best wuxiaworld novel Emperor's domination

Started as an Epic Cultivation novel. It is still Epic but clearly, people are getting tired of this “Epicness”.


The main character of this novel, Li Qiye gets his soul transferred into a crow. He roams the world as a crow for millions of years. Now his soul has returned to his body. Using the knowledge and power he discovered as a crow, he is going to challenge the overlords, gods, demons, and heaven and is going to write his legend

The Fall:

The only issue is that the author won’t just stop writing. It has more than 4K+ chapters and it is still ongoing. There was so much in 2k chapters that other chapters( after 2k) just seems like the copy and paste of the previous ones.

MC looks like a mortal and talks big with geniuses and powerhouses.

Also MC(after beating them to their last breath): Why do you offend me for no reason?

You can read the Novel in WuxiaWorld

Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Scholar’s Advanced Technological System web novel read free online

Started as a great Sci-Fi novel and even though many science stuff flew over most readers’ heads, Many read the novel. What can be the reason that both geeks and normies disliked this novel?


Lu Zhou, a hardworking but poor university student, becomes the owner of an advanced technological system. With the cheat given by the system, his university life changes overnight.

The Fall:

One minor reason can be all the science stuff that flew over readers’ heads.

The one and the only major reason is the heavy nationalism in the latter chapters of this novel. The author tries really hard to make China the center of the World. It feels forced. Another reason is that author tries really hard for MC not to get into any romantic relationship with stupid logic like getting into any relationship is a time waste. So basically nationalism and romance are forced into this perfect, well-balanced, well-researched, and detailed story.

MC has a near-perfect memory.

Also MC to every woman: I forgot about our Appointment

MC says he is doing it for the world.

Also MC: Yes China, only China, China!

The Good:

Well researched. The Science Stuff is presented in a simplistic manner for readers to understand.

You can find the novel in Webnovel.

What do you think of the novels I mentioned above? Ultimately, it is my opinion. I also like to know your thoughts. Do comment below.

Thanks for reading.

What should my next post be about? If you have any suggestions, I love to hear them out.

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