The 20 Best Novels with Overpowered Main Character

Novels with Overpowered main character Recommendation

Who doesn’t love an OP main character? Tried of watching the shounen aka weak to Strong? I don’t know about you but I am.

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Whenever someone mentions OP MC in Anime, the first thing to come to mind is Saitama from One Punch Man. He is kinda cool and ridiculously overpowered.

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But do comment on your favorites if they aren’t on the list.

Let’s get started.

  1. Emperor Domination
  2. Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World
  3. Low Dimensional Game
  4. You cannot afford to offend my woman
  5. Trafford’s Trading Club
  6. OverLord
  7. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  8. Building the Ultimate Fantasy
  9. To be Power in the Shadows
  10. I alone Level up
  11. There Was No Secret Organization to Fight with the World’s Darkness so I Made One (In Exasperation)
  12. In the different World with Naruto System
  13. Tales of Gods and Demons
  14. Main character hides his strength
  15. Overgeared
  16. The Daily Life of the Immortal King
  17. Black Tech Internet Cafe System
  18. Let me Game in Peace
  19. Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System
  20. The Scholar’s Reincarnation
  21. Legend of Ling Tian
  22. Warlock of the Magus World
  23. Returning from the Immortal World

1. Emperor Domination

Status: 3K+ chapters translation/4K+ chapters in Raws

Personal ratings: 4/5(first 1.5K chapters), 3/5(after 1.5K chapters)

Where to read: WuxiaWorld

If you want a MC who is insanely overpowered and is in control all the time, then this novel is for you.

Things get repetitive more often later on, so It may bore you.

2. Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World

I won’t go into details about this novel. Just know that it is a system novel and has more than 10K chapters and is still ongoing.

My Personal rating is 1 for this novel. I really loved the concept of this novel. You can read one or two hundred chapters and if you like it then you can try reading more.

If you want to know more: NU

Good concept

Bad, Slow, and Verbose Story

3. Low Dimensional Game

Summary: By accident, Lu Zhiyu finds the entrance to a low-dimensional world, and thus starts experimenting with it! Free to control everything in the low-dimensional world, Lu Zhiyu starts the creation of life.

Status: 409 chapters (Completed) + 37 (epilogue)

Where to read: Webnovel

Personal Ratings: 3.5/5(for first 60%), 3/5(for latter 40%)

This is a great world-building novel. Here, the MC is the creator and director of Everything. It is a fun read.

There are some potholes. Also, the story ends abruptly.

Read Chapter 1

“I am sorry to tell you that you have lung cancer. But, if you receive treatment, there is still a chance of recovery. Does your family know about it? We suggest that you be admitted to the hospital and receive treatment!”


“How long do I have left?”


“You have most likely contracted it for some time. But, there is still…!”


Lu Zhiyu walked out of the hospital in a daze. It seemed unreal, like a dream. The people who walked past him were like from a different world, as if there was an invisible boundary that separated him from reality.


Lu Zhiyu had no intension of starting any treatments. He had cancer—there was no point in wasting money to treat it. Even if he were to die, he did not want to die in agony on a hospital bed, with tubes inserted into his body.


Since his youth, Lu Zhiyu’s lungs had not been healthy. He coughed often. After having worked in the capital for a few years, whenever there was smog, his cough


would get worse.He had wanted to leave the capital for a while but he had reached the height of his career, so he kept putting it off. Recently, his symptoms had become more severe, but Lu Zhiyu had shrugged it off. He had not expected things to turn out this way.


After he resigned from his job, Lu Zhiyu bought a flight ticket and made his way home, back to Jiangcheng. Lu Zhiyu was born in Jiangcheng, and his home was an old house with its own entrance and courtyard. It looked very modern after some renovations, but because no one was living there, the courtyard currently looked unkempt and lifeless.


Lu Zhiyu’s parents had passed away a long time ago and he did not have any close relatives. He had also gradually lost touch with his good friends from school after he entered the workforce. When they had run into each other again after a number of years, the once close friends had become calculating and distant, not as they were before. Some things were just better kept as memories in the past. As for his colleagues, they were friendly to each other in the office but Lu Zhiyu could no longer open up his heart as easily as he did in his youth.


After giving it some thought, Lu Zhiyu felt that his life was very pointless. It seemed like there was a standard life template, which had been applied to millions of others, was also forced on him. Other than this cancer incident, he had been living like a puppet, directed by people, society, and fate.


The house had been vacant for a long while and was filled with dust. After removing the furniture covers, he started to clean up. He found quite a number of old items. Toys, textbooks, and drawings were revealed and they brought back many memories from his childhood.


Hmmm, what is this?


He found an old, red, wooden box on a shelf in the storeroom. After opening it, he found that it was filled with several things. There was a badge of the head of a peasant, an ink slab, and a red book. What most caught Lu Zhiyu’s attention, however, was a white scroll.


The scroll was unusually white and without a single blemish. The quality of the paper was so fine that it shimmered as if it had been brushed with a layer of oil. When a piece of paper had been around for a long time, the color would change, and this scroll seemed to have been left in the box for a long time without proper care, but it was surprisingly well-maintained.


These items must have been left behind by his grandfather. Lu Zhiyu was curious to find out what had been painted on the scroll. He slowly spread it out on the table in the living room, but his anticipation quickly turned into disappointment.


What? It is empty! 


As Lu Zhiyu was about to store it away, he realized that there was a black dot on the scroll. As he took a closer look, he realized that it was a tiny grasshopper. Lu Zhiyu let out a laughter.


“This is such a big scroll, but such a tiny grasshopper has been drawn on it. What a waste!”


After taking a good look at it, Lu Zhiyu touched the grasshopper with his hand. At this instant, a shocking thing happened. It was as if his hand had moved into another space and he felt something.


Lu Zhiyu was shocked and withdrew his hand. He was even more shocked to see a grasshopper now in his hand. He exclaimed with surprise: “What the heck is this?”


As he let go of the grasshopper, he saw that it immediately jumped up and hopped around the living room. Lu Zhiyu stared at it in disbelief. He rose to his feet and looked at the scroll. The grasshopper that had been painted on the scroll had now disappeared.


Have I taken it out? Was it alive?


Lu Zhiyu looked at the painting, then looked back at the grasshopper. His jaw dropped, and he realized that he had found a treasure.


Lu Zhiyu liked to read on internet. In fact, he had the habit of reading for an hour every night, so he was no stranger to such things happening.


A fantasy has come alive? A magic item that can store things? A treasure that can open to another world?


Although he was about to die, Lu Zhiyu did not give up on himself, nor did he complain. Life had to go on, especially when his remaining days were numbered. He wanted to live a fulfilling life and was elated to find such an interesting item at this moment.


Lu Zhiyu spent a few days experimenting on the scroll. It was clear that there was a space in the painting. However, it was different from what he had at first thought. He called it “the painting space.”


The surface of the space was flat. From a scientific point of view, this was not a three- but a two-dimensional space. All the things that had entered this space would automatically be sealed and collapse into a two-dimensional form. However, after leaving this space, they would return to their original form. Lu Zhiyu found it hard to understand how this all happened. This was his first discovery. He came to this conclusion after putting different things into the painting space.


And his second discovery was that, in the two-dimensional world, it seemed like time did not exist. Everything that went in, seemed to have gone into an eternal rest river and even if they had been kept inside the scroll for a long period of time, they remained the same.


The third discovery was that the painting space seemed to reject living things. Lu Zhiyu had tried to put living things into the space, but it could not take living things that were too big. He had put a chicken and a duck into it, but they had been torn apart and had disappeared. Lu Zhiyu suspected that the entrance of the space could not support their sizes and had caused them to go into a dimensional gap. However, when he put a few ants in the painting space, this same predicament did not occur. The ants stopped moving and had been sealed.


Lu Zhiyu found it puzzling that time did not exist in the two-dimensional space. If time had existed, it would have become another world. The painting space would have been more meaningful, rather than just acting as a storage space.


Einstein’s theory of relativity had classified time as an independent dimension. According to this theory, mankind should be living in the four-dimensional space. However, man was unable to observe the fourth dimension—time, so they belonged to the three-dimensional space.


The two-dimensional world was similar. Even if one could not observe time, it should still exist and should not just disappear like this. Lu Zhiyu had decided to look at it from a different perspective and to confirm if this was so.


Read Chapter 2 on Webnovel

4. You cannot afford to offend my woman

Summary: He is an undead who is devoid of all humanity, he is the one and only supreme overlord, he is a man who has severe mysophobia.

There are many people who try to act cool in front of him, whatever soldier king, assassin, system user, transmigrator, reincarnator, the strong returning, the strong coming down from the mountain, person coming back from the immortal world, reincarnation of the devil king, immortal emperor possessing someone’s body, and so on, all of them do not know what will happen next.

Status: 223 Chapters(translated)/1382 Chapters

Personal ratings: 3.6/5

Where to read: Fan Translation

It is a funny parody of a modern-day cultivation Novel with plenty of face slapping.

Not for a serious Read.

5. Trafford Trading Club

Summary: MC becomes the owner of a mysterious club by chance and also got a servant girl that had 300 years of working experience. The club sells strange items and Countless people with dreams, hopes, and ambitions came to the club to exchange anything precious they own for what they want. They would offer their lifespan, items, and even their soul. Every successful trade would increase Luo Qiu’s lifespan by a little.

Status: 9 Volumes translated(Ongoing)/15 Volumes(Ongoing)

Personal Ratings: 4 /5

Where to read: Webnovel(1 to 547), FanTranslation(547+)

Great World as well as Character Building. Shows many sides of human personality, their choices, and their consequences in a unique way. Here the MC here doesn’t directly take part in the story but rather waits and watches the development of the story and the characters.

The story is slow and has minor info dumps.

6. Overlord

Summary: MC is a guild leader of a popular MMORPG who grew up playing a game with his friends. MC logged on one last time when the server was offline, but now, he is stuck within the game. He has OP powers as well as a guild castle full of OP NPCs that now have come to life and revere him, and he has to play the part of a superior leader, which he isn’t experienced in, as he was a simple salaryman. Now, He’s trying to gain information around the world and find other human beings, and find a way home, while being a leader but also keeping his underlings safe.

Status: 14 Volumes ongoing(in Raws), 12 volumes Translated(Official), 14 Volumes Translated(Fan Translation)

Personal Ratings: 4.5/5

Where to read: Amazon, FanTranslation, BookDepository

A great Novel with a great world, plot, and character building. Great Twists and Turns, high-quality fights, and Kingdom building.

Verbose, forgotten Side characters and unnecessary plots

7. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Summary: MC dies and wakes up as a slime in another world. Great action and adventure of our jovial slime begin as he starts to slowly builds his own nation made of monsters and gets dragged into mysterious conflicts involving OP beings known as Demon Lords.

Status: 17 Volumes Ongoing(in Raws), 8 Volumes Translated(Official), 11 Volumes(FanTranslation)

Personal Ratings: 4.4/5

Where to read: Amazon, FanTranslation, BookDepository

Careful and Organic Kingdom Building as well as character building. An Enjoyable Read.

The story is simple and generic.

8. Building the Ultimate Fantasy

Summary: MC transmigrates into this world with a system that gives him the mission to level up the world to a higher level eventually transforming into the ultimate fantasy. He can choose people to become the first cultivators and also can choose whom to what powers, knowledge, artifacts, etc.

Status: 264 / 671 chapters

Personal Ratings: 3.5 / 5

Where to read: Webnovel

A fine World Building Novel with a fine plot and character development.

Not a Serious Read

9. To be a Power in the Shadows!

Summary: This is the story of a young boy who had adored powers in shadows reincarnates into another world and gets the ultimate power. He then possibly eventually reigns over the world of shadows in that world.

Status: 2 LN translated / 3LN(ongoing in Raws), 203 translated / 203 Chapters(in Raws Ongoing)

Personal Ratings: 3.5 / 5

Where to read: Amazon, FanTranslation(WN), BookDepository

A good story filled with humorous MC and his sidekicks, funny misunderstandings, and good fights.

Might be a bore for some.

10. I alone Level up

Summary: Loser MC gets a System and kicks everyone’s ass.

Status: Main Story: 243 Chapters (Completed), Side Story: 27 Chapters (Completed)

Personal Ratings: 4.2/5

Where to read: Novel, Comic

Bad-ass OP MC, Great Story Telling and World Development, Quality characters

Plot gets a bit bad towards the end

11. There Was No Secret Organization to Fight with the World’s Darkness so I Made One (In Exasperation)

Summary: MC has Superpowers but he doesn’t have anyone to fight against, so he basically creates one.

Status: 108 WN Chapters (Ongoing)

Personal Ratings: 4 / 5

Where to read: FanTranslation

Comedy, a tolerable amount of cliches, and good character development

Verbose and “Tell, not show” manner plot

12. In the different World with Naruto System

Summary: MC with a system that gives him Naruto powers gets transported to another world. He makes an organization similar to Akatsuki.

Status: 381 Chapters(Completed)

Personal Ratings: 3.5/5(for first 200 chapters), 2.5/5(for latter chapters)

Where to read: FanTranslation

Good plot, interesting characters, and fine world development

Few cliches, and Bad ending

13.Tales of Gods and Demons

It’s a good novel. It has great world development and plot development. Characters, as well as the Power system, are well thought out. My personal ratings are 4 stars out of 5.

You can read it on Amazon or in Webnovel. It has 495 chapters(ongoing).

14. Main character hides his strength

Summary: The main character goes to the past and starts all over by hiding his strength.

Status: 209 chapters(ongoing) / 349 Chapters(Completed)

Personal Ratings: 3 / 5

Where to read: Amazon, FanTranslation

Cool, Clam, Loner MC, and Interesting World setting

Some plot holes and some may say the author is forgetting the main premise

15. Overgeared

Summary: MC in the game world wears many gears to make up for the lack of skills, hence, Overgeared.

Status: 1303 Chapters(Ongoing with the Raws)

Personal Ratings: Dropped

Where to read: Amazon, Wuxiaworld

Childish MC at first but MC personality grows, humorous and interesting characters, good plot development as well as the world development.

Forceful plot, cliches, and Mindless Harem(maybe)

16. The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Summary: MC is OP from birth

Status: 1176(Translation on Hiatus)/ 1345 Chapters (Ongoing in Raws)

Personal Ratings: Dropped

Where to read: Webnovel

Light read, Modern day parody Cultivation Novel

Forceful humor, and Plot holes

17. Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Summary: Modern Day MC reawakens in another world of Cultivation with a system that gives him the mission to open a virtual reality internet Cafe.

Status: 944 Chapters (Completed)

Personal Ratings: 4 / 5 (Dropped)

Where to read: Webnovel

An interesting and unique concept, Good plot and characters, and Looking forward to next chapters

Lots of Chinese references, and few Cliches

18. Let me Game in Peace

Summary: MC gets a mysterious phone that uses his blood to allow him to raid dungeons with a game avatar. (Basically, the phone makes a model of the dungeons in real life and creates an avatar of the MC, so it’s like exploring the dungeon in the phone.)

Status: 560 Chapters(Translated Ongoing) / 1600(Ongoing in Raws)

Personal Ratings: 3.8 / 5 (first 300 chapters), 3.5 (latter chapters)

Where to read: Webnovel

Rational MC, new concept, Very interesting Characters, Good plot development, and Power system

Quality of Plot drops, Characters get forgotten

19. Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System

Status: 85 chapters/ 692 chapters(Completed)

Personal Ratings: 3.5(first 200 chapters), 3(later chapters)

Where to read: FanTranslations (I read its machine translation)

Fun enjoyable novel, and Lots of  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Plot holes and Abrupt ending

20. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

More info: Novelupdates

21. Legend of Ling Tian

Summary: MC gets reborn in the ancient world and wants to rule the world using his modern-day knowledge and his intelligence.

Status: 713 chapters(Completed)

Personal Ratings: 3.8 / 5

Where to read: Webnovel

Smart, and Cunning MC as well as his sidekicks, Smart Villains, Good plot development as well as world development

Story goes downhill towards the middle

22. Warlock of the Magus World

Summary: MC gets reincarnated into a magic world with an A.I chip.

Status: 1200 Chapters (Completed)

Personal Ratings: 4 / 5

Where to read: Webnovel

Ruthless, Cunning, Scheming anti-hero MC, Interesting World development and smooth plot development.

Quality of the plot goes downhill towards the end.

23. Returning from the Immortal World

Summary: MC finds himself back on Earth after his death in the Cultivation world.

Status: 1418 + 16 Chapters (Completed)

Personal Ratings: 4 / 5(first 300 chapters), 3.5 (300 to 500), 3.2(500+ chapters)

Where to read: Webnovel

Business Development, Smooth plot and interesting world development

Plot holes, Cliches, Predictable plot, and many plot holes towards the end

Which novel with OP MC is your favorite? Did I miss any novel on the list? I love to read your comment.

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Do Comment on your favorite novel and what should I make the next list on. Topic suggestions

Thanks for reading.

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