What Did I Read This Week #7? [Dec 1 to 11] Web Novels & Manhwa Weekly Discussion

Welcome to the Weekly Series Post where I discuss various web novels, light novels, comics, manhwas, manga, and many others that I read this week.

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Feel Free to comment about your readings and opinions about them.

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Web Novels & Manhwa Weekly Discussion #6

Life, Once Again [ Korean Web Novel ]

Life, Once Again [ Korean Web Novel ]

This web novel follows Maru as he gets a second chance to live and starts his acting career in Drama Club in High School.

I have been following this web novel for a year and have read around 600 chapters but the author manages to surprise me every time. The novel has a very detailed world-building, focuses on character building, and tries to portray a realistic situation in the acting industry. The novel feels alive and makes me want to read more and more.

The story is more character-driven than story-driven as Maru starts to progress in his acting career. There is romance, mystery, drama, and a lot of slice of life in the story. The story has multiple POVs as well.

The Great Storyteller [ Korean Web Novel ] [ Re-Reading ]

The Great Storyteller [ Korean Web Novel ]

The main character gets a second chance to live. Here the main character is in the writing field. Don’t think Life, Once Again and The Great Storyteller are similar! Both are vastly different.

This is one of the novels I like to revisit again and again. I find myself at peace, and cheerful while reading the story. I love how the main character grows to be a great author slowly. This happens steadily as the main character figures out what it means to write, about himself and the nature of the world itself. I found the writing part of the story to be realistic.

Rather than world development and other character development, the story mostly focuses on the development of the main character.

I didn’t read any Manhwa for this week. If you have some good manhwa recommendations, do comment.

That’s it for this week. Do tell me your thoughts and readings for this week.

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