Astral Pet Store Review

Astral Pet Store is a Chinese web novel written by Ancient Xi Gu Xi that follows a young man who is transmigrated into a world where people battle using summoned creatures called Astral Pets. He inherits a pet store with a system that allows him to quickly raise and evolve powerful pets.

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NameAstral Pet Store
AuthorAncient Xi Gu Xi
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Xuanhuan
TagsBeast Companions, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Cultivation, Family Business, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Identity, Level System, Male Protagonist, Money Grubber, Monster Tamer, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets,
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Astral Pet Store Review

Astral Pet Store Review


Su Ping takes over his family’s nearly bankrupt pet store and gains a “Super Pet System” that tasks him with training the “strongest pets in the world.” The system allows him to enter different realms like the Thunder Cloud Realm and Chaotic Realm of the Undead to rapidly strengthen pets in a short period of real-world time. He trains a Lightning Rat and Skeleton pet, evolving them to much higher power levels and abilities.

Su Ping also discovers he has awakened as a battle pet warrior, allowing him to form contracts with pets. He meets siblings Fan Yujing and Fan Xiaoyu, members of an explorers team, who invite him to help find their lost pet in a dangerous unclaimed territory. Su Ping agrees to complete a system quest.

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World Building

The world depicted is set in the future on Earth, where warp gates and fractures in space allow travel to other planets and realms. Society revolves around “Astral Pets,” beasts with incredible powers used in battle, exploration, and everyday life. Battles rage over control of resources. Humans can form lifelong, psychic contracts with pets if born with the talent, of becoming “battle pet warriors.”

There is great inequality, with battle pet warriors and “explorers” who venture into the wilderness to harvest resources occupying the upper echelons of society. Giant domed cities protect citizens, but outside lies polluted wastelands, wild beasts, and lawlessness. Advanced technology coexists with mystical realms that defy physics.

There are many mysterious forces in this world, including ancient ruins, strange dimensions, and powerful alien races. The protagonist journeys to exotic locales like fantasy-style forests, intergalactic cultivation sites, and his pet store simulation pocket dimension.

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Story and Character Building

The pet store provides an initial story goal to improve the business. Su Ping must use the mysterious system to rapidly strengthen pets. He forms bonds with pets he trains, like the Lightning Rat. Side quests pose challenges, like exploring dangerous realms.

The protagonist starts off weak, relying entirely on his pet store system to quickly gain strength. He leverages his business acumen to profit and slowly unravels the secrets of cultivation. He straddles two worlds, running his shop while undertaking quests and training.

He remains quite naive and emotional. He values friendship and loyalty, rescuing pets from abusive owners. The protagonist matures throughout the story, learning when to be ruthless. He assembles a close-knit team who support him on his adventures.

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Pets and Training

astral pets in astral pet store web novel

The pets are the highlight of the novel. They come in an enormous variety, with imaginative designs and abilities. Some examples are Thunder Eagles with lightning powers, Holy Dragons that wield sacred flames, Spiritual Owls with psychic abilities, and Chaos Leopards that can warp space.

Each pet has unique skills, personalities, and the potential to evolve into more powerful forms. They can actively communicate and bond with their masters.

The pets have complex attributes like bloodlines, ranks, abilities, and aptitudes that show immense variety amongst species. Su Ping enters specialized realms attuned to different pets to rapidly strengthen them based on environmental affinity, using ingenious training techniques learned from battle pet warriors.

Unique skills and evolution paths make seemingly common pets like the Lightning Rat possess incredible potential. Rare treasures can greatly evolve pets, seen when a Blood Bead transforms Su Ping’s Skeleton pet. Partnerships between warriors and their pets promise compelling character development.

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This novel builds an immersive world fusing sci-fi, fantasy, martial arts, and gaming elements with pets and pet taming as the core concept. The mysterious system moves the story forward quickly while world-building organically unveils details. Character growth for both humans and pets appears a key future focus as rivalries develop. Training and evolutions systems promise plenty of crunch and power escalation for battle pet fans.

Astral Pet Store executes an entertaining cultivation world revolving around collecting and battling with fantastic pets. Watching the protagonist slowly strengthen himself and his pets is highly enjoyable. The story remains engaging despite some repetitiveness. Overall, it’s a fun casual read for fans of monster-taming and cultivation novels.

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