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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms is a xianxia fantasy novel set in an ancient Chinese-inspired world filled with martial artists and cultivators. Readers can expect a story with elements of adventure, court intrigue, power struggles, and more importantly a lot of face-slapping.

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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Review

Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Review

Story Development

The story follows Fang Chen, a young genius martial artist known as the War God of Great Xia, who suffers a crushing defeat that leaves him blinded and crippled. After five years of humiliation, he makes a surprising comeback, revealing that he has embarked on the path of immortal cultivation.

The story progresses as Fang Chen works to uncover a sinister cult secretly operating in Great Xia’s capital, while also navigating complex political situations and newfound purpose.

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World Building

The story is set primarily in the Great Xia country, with influences from ancient Chinese history and culture. There is a clear social hierarchy and division between martial artists who focus on building their physical strength and cultivators who train their souls and spirits.

There are a lot of states with much stronger cultivators in other states. Great Xia is a Grade 9 state with the absence of any cultivator. It is a Grade 7 or 6 state that there’s the presence of a cultivator. Still, compared to the cultivators in Grade 5, they are lacking in levels.

There are many more mysteries in the world and still in 200 chapters, the world has barely been explored.

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Power System

fang chen in Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms

Martial artists have a profound power system centered around gathering and controlling their internal energy or Ki. Cultivators follow the path of immortal cultivation which involves building special veins to harness the spirit Ki and slowly strengthening the soul. There are specific cultivation stages for both tracks that determine one’s strengths and abilities.

Fang Chen has the unique advantage of immortal cultivation which I am not gonna mention here but it is definitely not a system.

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Character Development

Fang Chen is the main character. From a proud and unparalleled young general, his defeat turns him into a blind and despised outcast. His drive to uncover the truth about the cult and regain his standing makes him a compelling protagonist to follow.

Supporting characters like Xu Ge, Huang Sihai, etc are not that fleshed out by the author but it doesn’t make much of a difference. They aid Fang Chen’s efforts. There are hints of a budding romance between Fang Chen and the mysterious fairy he once saw. But personally, I think it will take 200 more chapters before we even know anything about the fairy.

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Readers who enjoy power fantasy stories reminiscent of wuxia and xianxia with rich world-building, steady plot and action, and a main character overcoming difficult odds will find Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms to be an engaging novel. The intriguing hook at the start combined with the face-slapping elements, provides a humor narrative base for the rest of the tale to unfold.

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  1. hey, can u recommend some webnovels where the mc is evil and the world is dark. no romance nonsense only calculative characters. i dont care about the power system.

    some of the novels i have read are:
    warlock of the magus world
    reverend insanity
    renegade immortal

  2. Hey, thanks for the suggestions but I have read all those novels .
    Can u just recommend something that u loved the most (action only pls)

    • I loved these novels:
      I Shall Seal The Heavens
      A Will Eternal
      The Grandmaster Strategist
      Classroom of Elite
      Deep Sea Embers

      You can browse through the site, I am sure you will find something you will love.

        • Yeah there are tons of web novels similar to that. Try Er gen books. He is the author of A Will Eternal. Try the recommendation box in this page at the top or look for the books by Er gen in novel updates.


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