Yet Another Low Profile Main Character

My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God

My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God is a Xianxia genre novel set in an ancient Chinese fantasy world where people use martial arts and cultivate Qi for immortality. Readers can expect a story about a man who is reincarnated into another world and gains a system that provides him with cultivation techniques to cultivate immortality. The story has political intrigue, adventure, romance, and action elements.

NameMy Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God
AuthorRen Wo Xiao
Translated Chapters408 chapters / 1000
Where to ReadWebNovel
GenresFantasy, Xianxia, Adventure, Action, Comedy
TagsAncient Times, Artifact Crafting, Artifacts, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cultivation, Demon Lord, Demons, Fantasy Creatures, God Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Heavenly Tribulation, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Immortals, Kingdoms, Master-Disciple Relationship, Mythical Beasts, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets, Reincarnated in Another World, System


Yet Another Low Profile Main Character

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The story focuses on Jiang Changsheng, a game developer who dies and is reincarnated as the crown prince in an ancient Chinese kingdom. However, he gets switched at birth with a peasant baby by order of the Emperor. Jiang Changsheng survives several assassination attempts thanks to a system that grants him cultivation techniques and martial arts for each calamity he faces.

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World Setting

The story is set in a sprawling ancient fantasy China with multiple dynasties and kingdoms as well as powerful martial arts sects. There is a hierarchy among the realms of martial strength starting from third-rate, second-rate, first-rate, True Energy, Spiritual Sense, Heaven Arrival, Divine State, True God State, and beyond.

Jiang Changsheng’s Daoist temple Longqi Temple is situated in the Great Jing Dynasty’s capital city.

Power System

The main character Jiang Changsheng is a cultivator, using a “Dao Technique” to cultivate spiritual energy and special techniques like the “Wondrous Sect’s Dharma Idol”. Others use internal martial arts cultivation to develop their strength within certain realms.

The strongest of the martial artists can reach the realms of “True God State” and above. Jiang Changsheng also gains additional special skills and techniques from a “survival system” whenever he survives attacks with his life at stake.

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Character Development

The main character Jiang Changsheng starts after reincarnation as the secretly switched Crown Prince of the Jing Dynasty. He is focused on his individual goal of cultivating immortality. Over time, through relationships and events that unfold, he takes his illegitimate royal half-brother Jiang Ziyu under his wing and decides to aid him in becoming Emperor as his puppet.

He “develops” feelings for Hua Jianxin who helps give birth to his son who then grows up as the powerful King Wei in the dynasty. Jiang Ziyu/King Wei and a host of supporting characters like the guards Wang Chen and Xu Tianji develop through the story arcs.


Readers who enjoy power fantasy set in a Chinese historical backdrop with many xianxia-style cultivation elements will find this novel interesting. With political intrigue, family drama, and the overarching goal of achieving immortality, the layered story will appeal to those looking for more than just fights between ever-stronger martial artists or cultivators. The richness of the world promises ample adventures to keep the pages turning.

Overall, This is a fine novel with nothing interesting to much to contribute in terms of storytelling and world-building. If you have read novels with similar themes like Immortal in Magic World and As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills, then you will find this novel so plain and boring. Compared to the novels I mentioned, this novel is very predictable. The main character doesn’t go anywhere and just stays in the temple at the top of the mountain. If people attack, he gains new techniques.

The first few chapters are good but after 100 chapters, this novel starts to become repetitive and predictable. I didn’t dare to read 1000 chapters even though I was curious how the author stretched the story.

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