A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees Web Novel Review

A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees Web Novel Review

A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees is a fascinating web novel that mixes fantasy, adventure, and slice-of-life genres. The story follows Matthew, an ordinary young man who finds himself transported to a fantasy game world and becomes a necromancer.

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However, Matthew discovers his “true passion” lies not in raising the dead, but in planting trees. This novel has humor, heartwarming moments, fun side characters, and exciting action. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an entertaining and feel-good read.

A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees Web Novel Review

A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees Web Novel


Matthew is a gamer who suddenly wakes up one day to find himself transported to the magical world of Aindor, where he has become a necromancer.

[Name: Matthew]
[Class: Level 5 Necromancer]
[Attributes: Strength 10/Agility 14/Constitution 11/Intelligence 15/Intuition 15/Charm 16]
[Characteristic: Necromancer/Fear Harvest]
[Abilities: Spellcasting/Scroll/General Knowledge (Necromancy and Magic)/Insight/Medicine/Nature’s Gift/Summon Undead Creatures
(Contract: 1/3)/Rotten Sac Understanding]
[Spell: -]

The gaming system that follows him tasks Matthew with planting trees around the town of Rolling Stone. Although confused at first, Matthew accepts the quest and begins working to expand the oak tree forest near the town.

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As Matthew plants trees, he encounters the skeptical people hold against necromancers. (I mean they are not wrong because seen any necromancer who plants trees) But Matthew proves through his actions that he is a kind soul who finds joy in nature (not because he is forced by the system to plant and protect trees). He makes allies, like the oak tree fairies, and builds his reputation in Rolling Stone.

When Matthew learns an evil cult plans to attack the town, he steps up to defend his new home and the trees. With the help of his skeleton summons and bone dragon Philolius, Matthew defeats the cultists. His exploits earn him the favor of the Goddess of Moonlight, who tasks him with clearing out a Zerg hive on her land.

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[Name: Philolius]
[Race: Bone Dragon (LV15)]
[Attributes: Strength 24/Agility 10/Constitution 17/Intelligence 4/Will
10/Charm 14]
[Characteristics: Blind (60 feet)/Immune to acid/Immune to cold/
Sensory sensitivity/Undead Creature]
[Ability: Flattery/First Attack/Undead Dragon’s Might/Dash/Sweep

During his adventures, Matthew ponders the dichotomy between nature and the undead. He seeks to walk a Legendary Path that unites both forces. As Matthew gains power, he attracts followers who share his vision, like druids Samantha and Eli. But dangerous organizations notice him too, forcing Matthew to protect what he cherishes.

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Plot Development

skeleton planting trees

The novel opens with Matthew suddenly transported to Aindor with the power of a necromancer and A System which instructs him to plant trees. As he plants trees, he gets new powers and gets stronger.

[Successfully planted five oak trees. Your Nature Affinity has slightly
[Accumulated number of oak trees planted and survived: 1001]
[You have completed the primary objective of the Main Mission: Plant
[You have received the reward “Undead Summoning (Bone Dragon)”
and “Massive XP”!」

The plot unfolds organically as Matthew works to build his oak tree forest, making friends and enemies along the way. Small adventures slowly build his reputation in Rolling Stone. When threats arise, the stakes feel higher because Matthew has planted so many trees and now if they are destroyed he will suffer.

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Matthew’s fight against the arsonists and evil cult showcases his skills as a cunning necromancer. The Zerg hive presents new challenges that stretch his abilities. Matthew’s desire to walk a unique Legendary Path gives him motivation.

The plot escalates at a comfortable pace. The day-to-day tree planting is punctuated by action sequences. Matthew’s relationships with characters like Peggy and Sif develop over time. Small mysteries, like mysterious organizations, keep readers engaged.

World Development

Aindor has a medieval fantasy feeling, with knights, mages, and monsters. But some place names, like Jade Court and Guardian Highlands, create an Oriental vibe. The world blends European and Asian fantasy influences.

Rolling Stone is a frontier town struggling between order and chaos. Corrupt officials and secret societies threaten the peace as monsters encroach. This lawless edge makes Rolling Stone an exciting setting.

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The Crucible House and Moonlight Society hint at wider organizations shaping Aindor. References to the Antu Empire and the Su Nation enrich the world’s backstory. Creatures like oak fairies showcase the diversity of life.

There are still many blanks to fill in about Aindor. But the varied environments Matthew explores, from underground hives to mystical woodlands, make the world feel expansive and magical.

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Power System

The magic system combines classic RPG elements. Spells rely on mana, but necromancers can also summon minions like skeletons. Undead magic utilizes negative energy.

A key ability of Mattew is corpse explosion, which detonates bodies to damage groups of enemies. Matthew also infects foes with decaying plague sacks to weaken them. His bone dragon Philolius grants draconic powers.

Other characters utilize druidic nature magic or elemental abilities like fire. Holy magic from deities and mysterious psychic powers also exist in the world. The blend of magic systems leads to diverse techniques.

Advancement relies on leveling up and choosing an advanced class. Matthew seeks to become a legendary powerhouse, hinted to be at least level 21. His rival enemies have special classes too, like Dragon Slayer. There are other classes as well as Theif, Arsonist, Witherers, etc. Each class has their powers and weaknesses. For example, The Arsonist get their power from burning things.

The fights are something to look forward to because of the power dynamics.

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Matthew is an unconventional hero who subverts the necromancer archetype. Despite his sinister powers, he happily plants trees and makes friends. His laid-back personality makes him very likable.

The perky skeleton Peggy serves as Matthew’s maid and chef, bickering with him constantly. Others like Sif and Blake support Matthew’s vision. Rivals including cultist Fein and druids Samantha and Eli keep the plot interesting.

Through side characters, the oak tree fairies show the diversity of life in Aindor. Matthew’s relationships reveal his empathy. The characters surrounding the protagonist are highlights of the novel.

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A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees is a unique adventure fantasy story. Necromancer Matthew’s quest to grow a forest while navigating threats to his new home makes for an engaging plot. The novel has an original magic system and a charming cast of characters. For readers craving a feel-good fantasy tale with misunderstandings, this story delivers. I wholeheartedly recommend giving A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees a read.

Note: The Story is available on Webnovel, however, it is machine-translated. While readable, there are a few places where the text feels weird.

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