Mated to The Alpha King: A Bond Forged by Destiny and Strengthened by Love

Mated to the Alpha King is a captivating novel that takes readers on a journey of romance, adventure, and action in a fantastical world of werewolves where a rare white wolf and a dominant Alpha king risk everything for love. This story is written by Leah AL and is getting popular on Dreame with more than 400K reads and over 80K following.

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Get ready to sink your teeth into a love story that will leave you howling for more. Mated to the Alpha King is a thrilling tale of love, power, and passion. With its sizzling chemistry, intricate world-building, and heart-stopping action, this novel is a wild ride through the fantastical world of werewolves

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Mated to The Alpha King WereWolf Romance Novel Review

Summary of Mated to The Alpha King

Mated to The Alpha King

The plot follows Scarlett Haden, a strong and powerful warrior who, at the age of twenty, is yet to find her mate. She is sent to the royal pack, The Blue Moon pack, to train with the best warriors. However, fate has a different plan for her as she attends the choosing ceremony organized by her pack’s Alpha and smells the scent of her mate, Jacob Ceaster, the Alpha king.

Story of Mated to The Alpha King

The world-building of this novel is unique and refreshing, as it portrays the werewolf world in a different light, giving readers a fresh perspective on the fantasy genre. For instance, the novel emphasizes on the packs nurturing and developing their members. This is quite different from many other werewolf stories that focus on power struggles and competition between packs.

We find out in Chapter 5 that the werewolves in this world are training hard not just to improve themselves but also because they fear an impending attack from their rivals, the vampires. Additionally, there is another group, shape-shifters, that the werewolves are wary of. This adds a layer of tension to the world-building as the werewolves must constantly be on guard against potential threats from both the vampires and the shape-shifters.

Characters in Mated to The Alpha King

Scarlett is a brave, intelligent, and strong-willed young woman who has a fierce loyalty toward her family and friends. Although, she is also troubled by the fact that she might get killed anytime soon because of her being the rare white wolf.

Even when she meets Jacob, she is determined to go to any lengths to protect herself and her pack. Jacob, the Black wolf, and the future alpha of his pack is handsome and charming, is deeply respected by the other werewolves, and his presence commands attention and respect. Although he is known to be ruthless, he wants to change for Scarlett as he doesn’t want her to fear him.

Lynn and Megan are Scarlett’s best friends. Lynn is portrayed as Scarlett’s long-time best friend who is cheerful and innocent. Later on in the book, we learn that Sebastian, a Beta werewolf, is her mate. His calm demeanor also balances Lynn’s cheerfulness and big energy very well.

Megan, on the other hand, is the future Luna of Scarlett and Lynn’s pack. They both initially disliked Megan, but as they got to know her, they grew closer to each other.

Romance, Twists & Mysteries

Chapter 3 of Mated to the Alpha King is a turning point in the story. This is where Scarlett meets Jacob, and we see an instant connection between them. They begin to address each other by their first names instead of using formal titles.

Scarlett is initially wary of Jacob, given his reputation as a ruthless Alpha King, but she is also drawn to him. Jacob, on the other hand, is captivated by Scarlett’s strength and power. This is also where we find out that Jacob is the Black Wolf, which adds an element of mystery to the story.

In the following chapters 6 and 7, we see them training together, with their affection and love only growing stronger.


The unique world-building, well-developed characters, and intense action sequences make for a captivating read. The romance between Scarlett and Jacob is also a highlight, with their chemistry being palpable from the moment they meet. Overall, Mated to The Alpha is a thrilling novel that is definitely worth reading for fans of supernatural romance and werewolf fiction.

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