Top 39 Best Action Fantasy Manhwa with OP MC Part 1

In this article, I will be discussing the top action fantasy manhwa, manhua, and webtoons. This is part one of the action-fantasy comics series. Part 2 will be released soon with another 40 or 50 Korean and Chinese comics.

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Top Action Fantasy Manhwa, Manhua, and Webtoons

Best Action Fantasy Manhwa with OP MC
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The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

The advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower manhwa

This comic has Dungeons, Guilds, Hunters Monsters, and an overpowered Main Character kicking everyone.

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Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods

One of the Best Manhua with good story development, a detailed world-building, a side character with personalities, a harem, the clever and strong main character who goes back to the past to stop the calamity and defeat the demon king.

The Evil Young Master Rules of Survival

The Evil Young Master Rules of Survival

It has a very rich world-building with gods, demons, magic, and so on. The main character gets a system and there are a lot of funny misunderstandings which makes the story entertaining. Just some characters are annoying but don’t really affect the story overall.

Doom Breaker

Main Character goes back to the past and with future knowledge, he gains more power and changes the ending. Probably not the same one you read before, I mean main character’s name is different.

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Solo Leveling ( Only I level up )

only I level up Solo Leveling

Father of all those cliches hunter/dungeons/guilds comics with Badass and OP MC with great art and fine story development.

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Villian to Kill

villain to Kill

Powerful Main Character with anger management issues seeking revenge. There’s some character development. Overall, An entertaining read.

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Release that Witch

release that witch

Best Kingdom Building Manhua with Great Story, Great characters, and an intelligent main character. This manhua has good art, witches with different powers, wars, demons, and the development of many inventions in the medieval world with the help of future knowledge.

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Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

The protagonist trying to maintain a facade of being lustful and self-centered, making people lower their guard and strike at the right moment. There is lots of action and fighting.

Sword King In a Women’s World

Sword King In a Women's World comics

Another typical Cultivation comic where a sword cultivator finds himself in a world full of females. Not a bad read


UnOrdinary webtoon

The story setting is in a school where the characters have superpowers and there’s a lot of bullying. This webtoon has fine character development and story development.

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator

Another typical… No, this one is good.. only if you haven’t read a story where the main cultivator finds himself back on the earth and he starts to cultivate, kick people’s asses, fix people’s illnesses and start to look for ways to get rich. Add some typical cliches like saving a girl and she starts to fall in love with him…

Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice webtoon

The story is unique and entertaining. The art is good, the characters are well written. The story throws a lot of knowledge about insects.

Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution

If you like pokemon, you will also like this one.

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The Earth’s Chosen Savior

The Earth's Chosen Savior Manhwa

From a normal office worker to a ruthless and smart savior. We have the same generic world filled with monsters with a survival theme. This story has interesting developments and the art is good too.

Cultivation Chat Group

Cultivation Chat Group manhua novel

My Favorite Manhua. Extremely funny and has the best world development, character development, and easy cultivation stuff for beginners to understand. Highly Recommend.


Eleceed webtoons

One of the best story with well-written characters and a unique world. It has good action as well and every chapter is unpredictable. Highly Recommended.

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Martial Peak

read Martial Peak manhua

A fine cultivation novel with lots of action, adventure, and fighting and it is a good cultivation story for beginners as well.

The Boxer

The Boxer webtoon

One of the best fighting/action webtoons with a unique main character, great character development, and good art. The story has thrills to offer.

The Legendary Mechanic

The Legendary Mechanic

A good sci-fi story with an intelligent and humorous main character. The arcs are amazing. The world is rich and something you have never explored before and the characters and their personalities are well-written as well.

Death Rescheduled

Death Rescheduled

The premise is unique, the characters are well-written and the story is not like your everyday cliche. The whole webtoon is great and dark with depth that makes us focus solely on the story. There’s violence, great fighting moments, great character interaction and the main character has a good thought process. Overall a great read but not for weak hearts.

The King’s Avatar

The King's Avatar manhua

The King’s Avatar is a sports manhua that revolves around the MMORPG Glory. The main character is OP and creates a Strong team to win the game. The action, adventure, and game worlds are amazing and rich. The character development is good too. Highly Recommended.

The God of High School

The God of High School webtoon

An Amazing Martial Arts story with a lot of actions, fights, and adventure. The story revolves around fighting and is much more interesting to read.

My Wife is the Demon Queen

My Wife is the Demon Queen manga

The main characters are op and smart. There’s romance too. But the story’s progress is slow. Nevertheless, with good art and fine action, this story is for anyone who is looking for a light fun read.

Get Schooled

Get Schooled

We do hate it when we see the weak getting bullied and no matter the punishment the bullies stay that way. Here comes the teacher Hwajin Na with his violent methods, He beats them up. He is ruthless, and his methods are unique too. A good read overall.

Library of Heaven’s Path

Library of Heaven's Path

A Good Manhua with a unique power system and a richly detailed world. The story generally revolves around the teacher and his students. There is a good amount of character development. There are many face-slapping moments. One might feel the story is repetitive but once you pass that, the story is a gem.

My S-Class Hunters

My S-Class Hunters

Though the setting is similar to the dungeons/monsters/rankers theme, the premise is unique. The main character is able to find talented characters and helps them to become stronger and at the same time, he gets stronger. There’s something wholesomeness feels in the novel, not sure if manhwa has that. There are some annoying characters. Overall a great read.

Dreamland Adventure

Dreamland Adventure manhwa

A Fine Sci-Fi Manhua with a unique premise. There’s a good adventure, a fine amount of action, romance, and mysteries. Character development is pretty average.

Neon Revenge

Neon Revenge

Neon Revenge is not just fighting and pushing the bullies, and delinquents. There are just some great fights, Violence, and action that kept me invested.

Way To Become The Evil Emperor

Way To Become Evil Emperor webnovel

This one is good. The main character gets reincarnated into a cultivation world and also gets a system. The main character is calm and cunning and can travel to another world. Other characters are fine too. Definitely a fun read.

To Not Die

To Not Die

Welcome to another great manhwa with great fight moments along with a badass main character who wants to get stronger to fight his bullies but soon he gets to know there’s more to things.

World’s Best Martial Artist

World's Best Martial Artist

The premise is action, martial arts, and fights. This story has great potential. The story and characters have a certain depth to them. The world is unique as well. The main character trains to become strong instead of being OP without any difficulties.

Tower of God

Read Tower of God

Webtoon with very rich world-building and character development. Highly Recommended to everyone. The story is filled with amazing action, fantasy, and adventures. Villains are amazing and rich in personality.

I Have a Mansion in the Post-Apocalyptic World

I Have a Mansion in the Post-Apocalyptic World manhwa

The main character can travel from the current world to Apocalyptic World. This comic has a fine world development, action, and harem. The character development is average.

The Lone Necromancer

The Lone Necromancer

The world has suddenly turned into an RPG world with monsters and classes and the main character must pick a class in a short time without doing any research. The main character has to use his skills and class to raise his level to the fullest to survive. Overall, this story has a good potential to become a good read.

I Became A Villian In My Novel

I Became A Villian In My Novel

The premise is simple. The main character wrote a bad ending and now god wants him to fix that. As a result, he finds himself inside his novel. The story is simple and the main character is humorous along with his harem. Overall, a simple story for fun reading.

Weak Hero

Read Weak Hero

The premise may seem similar to other stories about bullying in school but this webtoon has great story development, character development, ups and downs, suspense, and fights.

The Cultivator From The Future

The Cultivator From The Future

Standard Cultivation Story with a modern background. We have the usual cultivation stuff, a Strong main character with future knowledge, arrogant young masters, face-slapping, and a harem.

The Druid of Seoul Station

The Druid of Seoul Station

We have an overpowered and a badass main character who finds himself back on the earth. This is the start of great action and adventure. The story is good and the characters are finely developed.

God of Martial Arts

Read God of Martial Arts

Cultivation Novel with action, adventure, martial arts, arrogant characters who get beaten by a badass main character.


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