EroNinja: Naruto gone Wild for Peace

EroNinja: Naruto gone Wild for Peace

eroninja | naruto fanfic | eroninja naruto adult fanfic

Welcome to the alternate universe of Naruto… Umm.

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Welcome to the R-rated alternate universe of Naruto.

In this R-rated alternate universe, Naruto chooses a very different path to achieve peace. He unites the shinobi world using completely different tactics and strategies.

Naruto will encounter countless hurdles because of his unusual tactics.

But Naruto is not alone in his quest for peace. Many women are with him. Together with them, Naruto will unite the shinobi world.

Let’s dive deep into this R-rated Alternative universe of Naruto: Eroninja


Written by TheLemonSage, Eroninja is a well-written story that takes all the details of the world of the original Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and resurrects the whole story as something far more expansive and meaningful.

My goal is to write epic lemons. The type of stories that the late great Jiraiya would approve of. The type of stories that would make Kakashi blush. If those types of stories aren’t your thing well move along, if they are please leave a review. To those whose minds are corrupted, sorry. But nevertheless please enjoy.

By the TheLemonSage

The TheLemonSage successfully made his novel Eroninja a story supported by excellent plotting, fleshed out with logic and interconnected with the webs of political, economic, social, and historical bases, and filled with active characters who all have their own ambitions and drive. Thus, I feel Eroninja is not just an ero novel but an excellent alternate story of the Naruto universe.


Naruto is given a scroll containing the secrets of making women fall for him, a scroll he uses at first on the women around him but soon on the shinobi world as a whole, giving birth to the Eroninja.

The synopsis doesn’t do justice to this novel. The synopsis gives the idea that this Eroninja novel is just your typical mindless R-rated harem story but that is not the case here.

What attracted me to this story is that there are many depths and layers in this story. The character development of Naruto including the women in his harem is really one of a kind.

The narrative of the story is done well. The writing, pace, and storytelling of this novel are excellent.

While reading the first ten chapters if you felt like there is not much in this story besides Naruto having “fun” with women, then be patient and continue reading. The main story is just starting to kick in. Those first chapters are nothing but only a small part of the prologue of Eroninja.

The story takes place at the beginning of Naruto Shippuden. Naruto gets a scroll in which there is a Jutsu for controlling women’s lust and making them obedient to his wishes. Naruto uses this Jutsu to control women like Ino, Tsunade, Hinata, and many more to make a harem which is named “The Family”.

eroninja| naruto family mark
Mark of The Family

Naruto’s expanding harem (The Family) goes from being love interests into a full-blown balanced Battle Harem, doing whatever they can to help Naruto achieve his teacher Jiraiya’s wish for peace in the shinobi world. (credits:

The Gripping Elements:

Let’s leave aside the adult part for a bit. Let’s only focus on other parts like world development, and character development.

I want to convince the readers that Eroninja is not just a simple story with “actions”. Don’t judge the story with the first ten chapters. There are many more in this story that are worth your time and attention.

Minor’s spoiler warning!!!

Character Development

Every character including the girls in Naruto’s harem has his/her own drive and ambitions. Tsunade plays a vital role in his harem and in his ambition to unite the shinobi world. She suggests Naruto use Anko to test the limit of the women controlling Jutsu. Naruto finds himself in trouble when Anko recognizes the Jutsu he is using and ties him up and drags him before Tsunade. Tsudane solves this problem and successfully gets Anko into Naruto’s harem.

 naruto girls in naruto adult fanfic

Ino is the most proactive in getting Naruto to take more lovers, such as suggesting Hinata as a lover, and deliberately blue-balling Naruto to make him more likely to sleep with Temari. Hinata’s character grows up in this novel, unlike in the original Naruto Shippuden where she is portrayed as a weak and shy character. Here, her growth is worth paying attention to. Likewise, Sakura, the most annoying and useless(I didn’t say this) character in Naruto Shippuden doesn’t chase after Sasuke and grows likable in this novel.

Naruto’s growth is excellent in this novel. He realizes his weakness and grows stronger both as a person and as a man in his harem. After knowing the truth at the time of his birth, Naruto hates his father Minato for choosing the village over the family. Naruto turns down the Tsunade’s offer to become Hokage as he didn’t want to be in a position where he needs to choose between his family and the village. He admits that his father was a great leader but a bad husband and father.

Sasuke, whereas, just goes deeper into villainy and becomes pure evil. The author TheLemonSage feels the original Naruto focused too much on Naruto and Sasuke making other characters irreverent. This makes Sasuke go from “Kill Itachi” to “Kill the main person responsible for the massacre of the village” to “Destroy Shinobi System and Kill Naruto and his family.”

The World Development

Let’s discuss world development. Naruto and his harem have some good ideas to change the political, and economic working style of the shinobi world. Whether it’s the democratic ruling system or the dictatorial ruling system, The author has crafted a complex world where the gears of its inner workings make sense, and that provides a much-needed sense of realism to a fantastical world. The author has cared for every little detail like the logic working behind the chakra and tried very hard to make the characters look natural and realistic(like in anime)

The Unpredictability

There are many unpredictable and unique plots in this novel which can be counted as one of the gripping plots in Eroninja. Here’s one example(major spoiler):

Spoiler When they are sent into the past, Kushina suggests Naruto inform Minato about the future so they don’t die and Naruto can grow up with his parents. When Naruto insists they can’t because it would make future events unpredictable, Kushina angrily accuses him of sacrificing his parents to protect his harem lifestyle. Naruto retorts that she’s asking him to sacrifice himself and his family for the sake of her and Minato. When they are sent into the past, Kushina suggests Naruto inform Minato about the future so they don’t die and Naruto can grow up with his parents. When Naruto insists they can’t as it would make future events unpredictable, Kushina angrily accuses him of sacrificing his parents to protect his harem lifestyle. Naruto retorts that she’s asking him to sacrifice himself and his family for the sake of her and Minato. If Naruto was raised with his parents, he’d likely be a completely different person than he is now.

Ero Action

Since this is an ero novel, we have to talk about NSFW parts.

naruto lemon novel

The “actions” scenes are amazing, and they are written really well. Naruto has “actions” with most of the females like Tsunade, Ino, Hinata, Mikoto, and so on. They all love each other and form a family.

I won’t discuss more. Read the novel and Enjoy yourself.

The Dissatisfaction

There are some parts where the author has done lackluster writing but that would be major spoilers

[ like making the nine-tailed beast Kiyomi(Yeah it’s Kurama but the author changed the name) into a girl and making her have “actions” with him and also”actions” oldies by making them young, and many more. ]

The Conclusion

Without a doubt, Eroninja is a great novel with good writing and storytelling where the author has cared for every detail and logic and tried to portray characters realistically as much as possible. Naruto in this novel is shown as more decisive. It is also a good ero novel. At the same time, there are also very few elements that may cause readers to be disappointed.

Naruto with Hinata, Sakura, and many other girls characters

All in all, The author has been successful to give this novel Eroninja a life.

You can read this novel in FicWad.

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This is my review of the Novel, Eroninja. Ultimately, this is my opinion of the novel. You have the right to agree or disagree.

Do Comment your thoughts and share this review.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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