Novel and Manhwa Discussion #12 March

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Novel and Manhwa Discussion where we discuss the novel and manhwa we read past two weeks.

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Feel Free to comment on your readings.

I am the evil lord of An intergalactic empire (LN)

I am the evil lord of An intergalactic empire (LN)

If you are looking for a novel filled with comedic misunderstandings, this light-hearted comedy is definitely worth checking out. It’s a fun read with a simple plot, perfect for those who want a break from heavier material.

After reading volume 1, I was intrigued but ultimately decided not to continue with volume 2. There were a few reasons for this. Firstly, the novel only scratches the surface and never really delves deep into anything. For instance, while the intergalactic empire is vast, we only get a few details about it. Additionally, the planet that the main character rules over is not fleshed out enough. We get lines like “The planet is in a bad state” and then a few years later “the planet is in a good state.” I wanted something more but what we are getting is only the surface.

Furthermore, the main character’s motivations are inconsistent and don’t always make sense. There are also huge time skips and the main character becoming OP, but these are more for comedic effect rather than plot development. Overall, if you’re looking for a light-hearted, comedic read, this novel may be just what you’re looking for.

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Farming Life in Another World (WN)

Well, I reached 600 chapters. I went with high expectations like the Main character will build a huge country, rule over others, have wars, etc But all I got was the main character expanding this field because the demand for crops is increasing. This is a Slice of Life novel to the core and the author doesn’t one bit stray far from this.

You can read this novel/manga on Amazon.

Deep Sea Embers (WN)

200 chapters reached. We don’t know anything. We don’t have any information about the world, about the main character’s past and his powers, about side characters and their powers, about the organizations and their motivations, and so on. That’s why this novel is going to be a masterpiece. With this, we can imagine when the author provides us with little information and we have reached 200 chapters, there’s definitely going to be a huge world full of secrets, complex characters, and amazing adventures.

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Immortal in the Magic World (WN)

This novel is good for about 150 chapters but then the story starts to repeat itself. A guy gets transmigrated into a magic fantasy world. It turns out the path to becoming a mage is cut out due to some mysterious circumstances but It’s not a worry to the main character because he is immortal and he can take his time. After he becomes stronger than others, He moves from one weak place to another relatively strong place, and so on and on. He is weak in a place, and does something amazing, becomes an important person, that place gets attacked, solves the problem, becomes super important and he moves to another place and this cycle repeats. Not gonna lie first few chapters are interesting to read.

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This is all from me. I didn’t read Manhwas this time. You comment your readings too.

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