Novel and Manhwa Reading #13 March

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to the novel and manhwa discussion where I share my readings for the past weeks and you share yours.

Let’s get started.

Lucia (Manhwa)

lucia manhwa review

Lucia follows the story of a girl who wants to change her destiny of getting abused by her soon-to-be husband. For this, she gets into a contract marriage with another Duke and escapes her fate of getting abused. What follows are steamy and romantic scenes.

What I want to point out is that this manhwa Lucia is not your typical contract marriage manhwa. It is much more and offers deep character development and world-building as well. I was fcking surprised when I found out this manhwa had a plot and the overall reading experience was just immersive.

Reading the manhwa for about 90 chapters, everything was good with art but after that who knows what happened to the quality, it got worse.

I suggest reading the novel after 90 chapters. Believe me, you won’t regret this reading this story.

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Lord of the Mysteries (Web Novel)

This is my third time reading this novel and I always enjoy it every time and discover new things. I will read the new sequel of LOTM: Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability once it reaches a hundred chapters and let’s discuss this new novel and whether it lives up to our expectations.

Solo Leveling (Anime & Game)

I watched the new Solo Leveling Anime Teaser, it looked beautiful and had great quality. Here’s the trailer.

Also, I found a video game adaption of Solo Leveling as well. I am excited about this. I am wondering if we will get an Open World game for this game.

Well, this is all I got for this week I guess. I had an exam so didn’t get time to read much.

Tomorrow(Sunday) I am going for John Wick Chapter 4. Heard great reviews about this movie. If you have watched this movie let me know your thoughts.

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