The Trash of Count’s Family: A Review of the Light Novel

The Trash of the Count’s Family is a popular Korean web novel by Yoo Ryeo Han with seven volumes and nearly 900+ chapters. It follows the adventures of a young boy named Cale Henituse who is reincarnated into a fantasy world as a noble family member.

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The novel has gained a large following among Korean and international readers and has been adapted into a popular manhwa (Korean Comics).

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Is the trash of Count’s family good? Yes, It is a highly recommended novel and manhwa.

It was formerly translated officially by Miraclerifle on Wuxiaworld, but due to miscommunications, the author decided to end licensing discussions with Wuxiaworld. Wuxiaworld stopped translating the novel at Chapter 627 in May 2020, respecting the author’s wishes. You can find more information here: Trash of Count’s Family Translation is going to STOP

The Story of Trash of Count’s Family Novel Review

characters in trash of the count's family novel

Trash of the Count’s Family follows the story of Kim Rok Soo who wakes up in a world inside the novel The Birth of a Hero, possessing the body of a minor villain named Cale Henituse, who is initially considered a “trash” member of his family due to his weak magical abilities.

His actions cause the original plot to derail and he becomes involved in many conflicts in the fantastical world with magic and dragons. Cale uses his knowledge from reading the novel and uncovers a devious plot connecting everything.

The novel lacks romance, but the interactions between characters are wholesome. The misunderstandings are a source of humor in the story.

The Laws of Hunting is the second part of the story and is currently ongoing. It is different from the first part but still enjoyable. The First Part, The Birth of Hero, is completed.

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Cale Henituse main character of Trash of Count's Family

Cale Henituse is the protagonist of the story and is reincarnated into a new world as a member of a noble family. Despite being initially considered a “trash” member of his family due to his weak magical abilities, Cale is resourceful, intelligent, and determined to survive and make a living in this new world. He uses future knowledge of the novel to his advantage and gains power and friends in the unfamiliar world.

Cale’s relationship with his new family is awkward, but he cares for them deeply. The side characters are all remarkable and lovable.

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Roan miru in trash of count's family

Raon is an ancient dragon who befriends Cale and becomes his loyal companion. Raon has the ability to transform into a cute and cuddly form, which makes him a popular character among fans of the novel.

Alberu Crossman

Alberu Crossman is a prince who becomes Cale’s ally and friend. Alberu is calm, collected, and rational, making him a valuable ally in Cale’s adventures.

There are similarly other fleshed-out interesting characters that are slowly introduced as the story progresses.

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Power and Enemies

One of the main elements of the Trash of the Count’s Family light novel is the power system in the fantasy world. Magic plays a significant role in the world, and different characters possess varying degrees of magical abilities.

This too depends on the race such as Human, Elf, Dragon, Tiger, etc. They all have unique abilities to them. The abilities are defined by classes such as Necromancer, Mage, Elementalist, and so on as well with one class ability being different than others. In a nutshell, Trash of Count’s Family offers a rich power system.

As Cale and his allies face various challenges and battles throughout the story, they encounter various powerful enemies. These enemies include the White Star, a mysterious and powerful figure who seeks to dominate the world, and the Ancient Powers, a group of legendary beings who possess immense magical abilities. Cale and his allies must overcome these powerful enemies using their intelligence, strength, and teamwork.

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Overall, the Trash of the Count’s Family light novel is a thrilling adventure set in a fantasy world. With a strong protagonist, interesting supporting characters, and a power system that adds depth and complexity to the story, it is no wonder why the novel has gained a large following among Korean and international readers. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy novels or looking for a new adventure to embark on Trash of the Count’s Family is a way-to-go novel.

You can read the Trash of Count’s Family novel on this fan translation site: eatapplepies

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