8 Novels Similar to My Vampire System

Novels to Read If you Love My Vampire System

In this article, I’ll recommend some novels that are similar to the My Vampire System web novel.

Note, the novels in this list are just as good, if not better than My Vampire System.

If you don’t already know about this novel, let me give you some information.

My Vampire System is a popular ongoing novel by JKSManga with over 33M views on Webnovel. Read my Review of My Vampire System

web novels similar to my vampire system

I’ll only be suggesting novels from Webnovel in this post, but if there’s enough interest, I’ll consider doing a part 2 where there will be novels from other sources too.

Tables of Contents:

  1. The Great Demon System
  2. Night Ranger
  3. Swallowed Star
  4. Solo Leveling
  5. My Disciples are All Villains
  6. Advent of the Archmage
  7. Warlock of Magus World
  8. Nano Machine

Now Let’s Get started.

1. The Great Demon System

the great demon system web novel

While the initial chapter feels similar to My Vampire System, the writing and plot improve as you progress through the story.

The story follows Moby Kane, a 16-year-old orphan who lives his life with a little too much optimism while struggling to make ends meet. He has no ability and is often bullied but that all changes, when a miracle occurs.

[ You have unlocked the Demon System ]

What this novel has:

  • A System
  • Smart, Cunning, and Cruel Main Character
  • World Development and Character development are fine.

Read The Great Demon System on Webnovel

If you like The Great Demon System Novel, Read The Bloodline System

2. Night Ranger

Night Ranger web novel

Night Ranger is one of the best novels on this whole list. The story follows Marvin, who finds himself transmigrated into the gaming world he was playing, with only six months till the Great Calamity begins…

What this novel has:

  • A Logical System
  • World development is done so brilliantly
  • Character development is good.
  • Amazing Action and Adventure
  • Twists and Turns

Read Night Ranger on Webnovel

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3. Swallowed Star

Swallowed Star web novel

Swallowed Star is set in our apocalyptical world. This novel is a mix of Xianxia and modern elements. Swallowed Star follows Lin Feng’s adventures and his simple and pure desire to better the lives of his family.

What this novel has:

  • A Realistic and Hardworking main character
  • World development is done in a perfect manner.
  • Characters are fleshed out well.

Read Swallowed Star on Webnovel

If you Liked Swallowed Star, I recommend Lord Xue Ying

4. Solo Leveling

novels similar to solo leveling

Do you guys even need an introduction to this novel!

Solo leveling follows Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank Hunter who is also known as the world’s weakest hunter. This is his story of reaching the top after he gets a strange power.

What this novel has:

  • A Badass and smart Main Character
  • Amazing Fight Scenes
  • System
  • A fine romance

Read Solo Leveling on Amazon

Read Solo Leveling Comic | Solo Leveling Novel

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5. My Disciples Are All Villains

My Disciples Are All Villains web novel

Lu Zhou wakes up to become the world’s most powerful and oldest villainous Patriarch and finds that he has nine notorious disciples who are full of evil. What’s worse! Without his cultivation base, how will he handle these evil disciples?

What this novel has:

  • A Smart Main Character
  • System
  • Humor

Read My Disciples Are All Villains on Webnovel

6. Advent of the Archmage

Advent of the Archmage web novel

This is a novel similar to Night Ranger, but it later manages to stand out.

Link was the top Archmage in the entire server. He had just defeated the strongest boss, the Lord of The Deep, Nozama with his party. However, instead of going back to town, he was transported to a secret location with pixelated CG. And so began Link’s journey of magic, friendship, betrayal, love, and despair in the ever-changing World of Firuman.

What this novel has:

  • A Smart Main Character
  • System
  • Good World Development
  • Amazing Action and Adventure

Read Advent of the Archmage on Webnovel

7. Warlock of the Magus World

Warlock of the Magus World

This novel is also one of the best and most popular novels. This novel follows Leylin.

Leylin, a scientist from a futuristic world, reincarnates in a World of Magic and Knights. Dark, cold, and calculating, Leylin makes use of all his resources as he sets off on his adventures to meet his goal.

What this novel has:

  • A Cold, Calculating, Manipulative, and Evil Main Character
  • World development is done very well
  • Amazing Adventure and Action.
  • Artificial System ( A.I )

Read Warlock on the Magus World on Webnovel

If you like Warlock of the Magus World, I recommend The Wizard World

8. Nano Machine

nano machine web novel

This novel is about Cheon Yeo-Woon who is known as the weakest and is constantly bullied and is at the threat of assassination but when a nanomachine is injected into his body, soon starts the legend of Cheon Yeo-Woon.

What this novel has:

  • Badass Main Character
  • System
  • Amazing Fight Scenes

Read Nano Machine on Webnovel

These are all the 8 Novels that are similar to My Vampire System. Obviously, not all parts are similar but if even some parts matched, I have included the novel in the list.

These are all the novels that I felt like My Vampire System novel readers should read.

Do comment if you feel your favorite novel should have been made on this list. I will be sure to add the novel to the list of part 2.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day

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