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The Twenty-Six Light Novel Review

The Twenty-Six: Kill or to be Killed Light Novel is about the boy Sito Nakamura and his struggles for survival.

Sito Nakamura’s first day of college swiftly turns into a nightmare when he is forced to participate in a survival game while being stuck on an island with twenty-five other students.

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The Twenty-Six Light Novel Review


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It’s Sito Nakamura’s First day of college. What seemed to be an exciting day quickly changes when Sito wakes up stranded on an island with twenty-five other students. Unaware of what’s going on, the students look to the sky, catching sight of an Observer. They are told that there are multiple ways to escape the island, death being implied. “Either find a way off the island, or be the last one standing“. Who will make it out alive, and who will get the hatchet? Fighting against twelve other men and thirteen women, Sito will have to prove that he is the ultimate survivalist of, THE TWENTY-SIX

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Novel Review:

When given a copy of this book, I didn’t know what to expect. After reading the prologue, I thought that it sounded okay and was average, but I was wrong.

Like every great novel, the first chapter starts off a bit slow, but then things picked up quickly. I have read many novels, but this one has such a deep connection to real-life emotions. Each character has their own unique personality and faces their own struggles and issues while fighting for their survival. I can’t stress how connected I felt to some of the characters on an emotional level.

I found his struggles to be very relatable as a person and found myself connecting with this fictional character quite often. Overall, I would rate this novel a 9/10.

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I can’t wait for the release of volume 2, I have so many questions about the puzzle pieces and the mysterious laboratory and how he got there. I highly recommend it. 

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