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Legend of the Arch Magus Novel Review

I was searching for Kingdom Building novels when I was recommended the book Legend of the Arch Magus. I immediately looked for this novel and read the Legend of the Arch Magus.

legend of the arch magus book 1 cover

Let me tell you what a disappointing read this novel was.

Everyone is welcome to join me in my rant. I’m going to go on a rant about why Legend of the Arch Magus is such a bad book.

This is my review of two books in the series: Legend of the Arch Magus: The Expansion and Legend of the Arch Magus: The Upheaval

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Legend of the Arch Magus follows an extremely powerful magician, a Arch Magus, who died and was reincarnated into the body of a teenage noble exiled by his family because of notorious deeds.

Let’s start with the bad part of this story.

If you want the quick overview of this article, you can skip to the last part Conclusion,

The Bad

This is a normal change?

The story begins with the Arch Magus waking up in the body of an abducted teenage noble named Lark. He easily overpowers the kidnappers as soon as he wakes up, and when his guards arrive, he pretends to have fainted.

At this time, I assumed Lark was attempting to maintain a low profile in the new environment in which he had only recently “arrived.” But I couldn’t have been more off the mark.

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Fast forward, and he is helping the people by providing food and shelter, and they have completely forgotten about his previous behavior. Nobody is suspecting his transformation from a notorious and spoiled individual to a nice, intellectual, and powerful individual.

Even his long-serving guards are acting as if this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Lark’s purpose for wanting to help people was never addressed. Let’s say he’s generous, and he stepped in to help people who were starving, but what about the development? Why does he keep saying “my people”? I couldn’t find any justification/motivation for his actions.

This is Kingdom Building?

Next thing, we know the kingdom-building starts. Lark starts to develop the desolate town and the development paced is too fast-paced and rarely explored. Lark says this and that and the town starts to develop. Lark needs something, and that something appears easily.

This style of Kingdom Building in the story never changes. The development just happens in few chapters. What I wanted in the story was Perspective.

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Kingdom building in stories, in my opinion, will always be weak if the author fails to portray the changes that occur in people’s lives as a result of the main character’s decisions and actions. I’m interested in learning how the new development has impacted the lives of residents in the town from their perspective.

While the author tries to portray the public’s reaction to the change brought about by the main character, it is always done in a few paragraphs and then we are moved on elsewhere.

Where exactly is this novel heading?

Yes, My question exactly. Where?

There’s a lack of direction in the story. I think it maybe because of the pacing of the story.

Funny ‘tense’ moments?

The author tries to create tense moments in the story, it always felt funny to me. What’s the use of tense moments when the overpowered main character has the solution to everything.

One crisis after another?

The author doesn’t know how to take a break. and when he does, he fast forwards like using 3 weeks later after the war. Couldn’t he have concentrated on the people who fought in the battle and told the narrative from their point of view!?


There are tons of things I have left to write but I will stop here.

Reading the two books in the series of Legend of the Arch Magus, I felt like there were many things the author could have done a lot more.

In this ranting, I may have been too strict but it may be because, for me, the style of this novel was very similar to the Chinese translated Novel, Release that Witch.

I was always comparing this book Legend of the Arch Magus with Release that witch when reading. That’s why I felt this story was average.

It is not necessarily a bad story but it’s just that I read Release that Witch first.

The above line pretty much sums my thoughts.

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Do keep in mind that it’s just my opinion. You can read the book who knows if you will love the book.

You can read the stories in Amazon.

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Release that Witch: Webnovel | Amazon

Thanks for reading. Do Let me know your opinion of the story.

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