Top 5 Machine Translation Sites for Novels

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Best Machine Translation Web Novel and Light Novel Sites

The novel you were reading got dropped by the translator? You got a cliffhanger and you have to wait for the next day to know what happened but you are dying to know what happens next?

If yes, your solution is Machine translation.

In this post, I am gonna discuss the best machine translation sites best for light novels and web novels.


What is Machine Translation(MTL) of Novels?

It is the translation of novels in the other language(Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) to the English Language(Mainly) using programs like google translate, Deepl, or any other translation program.

What are the reasons people read Machine translated novels?

  1. Novels you are reading gets dropped.
  2. Novel doesn’t even get picked by the translators
  3. Cliffhangers
  4. You wanna be ahead of other readers.

But there are many problems with this approach like grammar is incorrect, gender, names, etc are misplaced. Until these problems are solved, MTLing the novels and reading them is not a good idea.

I mainly read MTLed novels in the case of Cliffhangers. Also, in the case of the novels I was reading gets dropped. I know reading MTLed novels harms brain cells but hey! Beggars can’t be the chooser.

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Here are the Top 5 Machine Translation Novel Sites

The list goes from “Barely Readable” to “Readable”.


LNMTL website
LNMTL HomePage
A small glimpse of this LNMTL site's translation.
A small glimpse of this site translation. (Emperor’s domination)

The above image is a small part of the first chapter of the Emperor’s Domination novel. As you can see in the image, the sentence structure, grammars, and others are in a perfect arrangement.

Novels cannot be Requested(unless paid). The novels are chosen by votes.

One advantage of this site is the glossary created by the community of MTL readers. If anyone wants those glossaries of the novel, they are free to take.

2. Machine-Translation

Machine-Translation Homepage
Machine-Translation Homepage

I found this site by accident. This site has a large number of Chinese novels. They also use the glossary for translation. The translation of this site is similar but a bit better than LNMTL.

Translation of Superstars of Tomorrow by Machine-translation
A glimpse of this site translation(Superstars of Tomorrow)

They take the request for new novels and also update the novels with the glossary so the translation gets a bit fine.

3. MTLNovel Homepage
MTLNovel Homepage

MTLNovel uses google translation software to translate the novels. They haven’t use the glossary yet, but they said they will use soon. Since the translations are from Google, the sentence structure and grammar are a level better than LNMTL and Machine-Translation.

machine translation of reverend Insanity by
A glimpse of the site translation(Reverend Insanity)

I hope they start to use glossary soon. The translation will get better by many levels in case a glossary is used. They take novel requests but only Chinese novels.

4. ComradeMao homepage
ComradeMao Homepage

This site uses its own translation program and has a good translation than the above three sites. Sentence structure and Grammar are fine than the other translation sites. Most of the novels are Chinese but there are very few Japanese and Korean Novels too.

I am really a villian novel machine translation by
A glimpse of this site translation.(I’m Really a Villain)

They take sponsored novels mostly but in the case of the glossary provided, they take free requests too. They also have a big discord community.

5. JPMTL homepage
JPMTL Homepage

JPMTL has hundreds of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Novels. They also have manga too. They use their own translation program. Their translation is fine in the case of Korean and Japanese novels and good in the case of Chinese Novels. JPMTL hasn’t used the glossary yet.

I have a Super USB Drive machine translation by JPMTL
A glimpse of the site translation( I have a Super USB Drive)

JPMTL takes free requests of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Novels as long as the free source for the novel is provided.

These 5 are the translation sites where you can find machine-translated novels. I suggest you not use the first two sites as some of your brain cells may die while reading.

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Which is your favorite MTL site? How often do you use MTL site? Tell us about it in the comment.

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    1. Hey Neoryd, I can’t tell without knowing the name of the novel, but you can try JPMTL. You just need to provide the raws and the novel will be translated. You can join JPMTL’s discord for more info.

      1. The translation in jpmtl is so bad, I can’t even recognize that the novel I’m reading is naruto unlike comrademao, they do a better job in correct naming. Still thank you for the information.

  1. You have to provide the glossary for the correct names. Novels in Comrademao are mostly sponsored novels, meaning that users pay for the glossary, and they also use the glossary from lnmtl. That’s why they have correct names.

    However, JPMTL will only translate the novel and won’t use the glossary unless the glossary is provided to them.

    Here’s one thing you can do: You can go to and search for the glossary of your novel and provide that to admin of JPMTL

    You can also pay for the translators to make glossary.

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