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What is true happiness? It seems like such a simple question yet no matter how hard we try to think, it’s hard to answer. We could say true happiness is the feeling when we got good marks in exams or when we got into the university we desired, yet somehow this answer doesn’t feel correct. But Is such fleeting happiness true happiness?

While answering this question, Three Days of Happiness slowly but gradually captures our hearts. You will understand what it means to live a life with objective, what is true happiness, and what is valuable in life, and maybe, at last, you will be able to calculate the value of your life.

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Three Days of Happiness Information

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Novel Name: Three Days of Happiness

Alternative Name: Jumyou o Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de. ; Mikkakan no Koufuku ; Tres Dias de Felicidad ; 我用一年一万日元卖掉寿命 ; Üç Günlük Mutluluk

Genre: Romance, Drama

Author: Miaki Sugaru

Artist: Taguchi Shouichi

More: The novel was written was published on December 25, 2013. The novel received a manga adaptation called I Sold My Life for Ten Thousand Yen Per Year on August 8, 2016. The manga adaptation has 3 volumes.

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Kusunoki used to believe he was destined for great things. Ostracized as a child, he held on to a belief that a good life was waiting for him in the years ahead. Now approaching the age of twenty, he’s a completely mediocre college student with no motivation, no dreams, and no money. After learning he can sell his remaining years-and just how little they’re worth-he chooses to divest himself of all but his last three months. Has Kusunoki truly destroyed his last chance to find happiness…or has he somehow found it?

Three Days of Happiness Review:

This is a non spoiler Review.

This relatively short story focuses on the premise of how much is your life worth and what is true happiness.

The fame and success, ten-year-old Kusunoki dreamed, turned out to be unachievable for him. The current him is just living an empty life in poverty. This 20-year-old mediocre college student has no motivation and no dreams in life. By chance, he comes across a place where he can sell his lifespan for money.

What had kept me bound to this life thus far had been the shallow hope that something good might happen someday. It was a baseless hope, but discarding it was a difficult task.

Losing all the hope that something good might happen, He decides to sell his 30 years for 300,000, and now only with 3 months remaining to live, he wishes to make most of it.

“In my last three months, with my 300,000 yen, I’m gonna change something!”

What is the meaning of true happiness for such a person who has nothing- no meaning, no friends, and no family? Will that 300,000 give him that happiness which he yearns for only in three months?

You know you should have accepted the reality back then – but unable to let go of the feeling that you were special, believing that this wasn’t where you belonged, you could never get accustomed to it.

This novel is a realistic depiction of human life. We all believe we are special and we will achieve great things in life. We have objectives in life. But imagine a scenario where we were unable to accomplish anything. Now we have no choice but to hope. It’s human nature to hope somebody something good might happen. That hope ignites our will to live.

What do we choose in our pursuit of happiness? What choice do we have, when everything has been so meaningless? What is happiness even?

With the overhelming fear of death and the desire to live those three months happily, how will anyone live? Kusunoki begins on a path , unbeknownst to him, to find his own answer to the question of happiness.

As close as I was to death, the world wouldn’t suddenly get nicer.  
Maybe the world was only nice when it came to people who were already dead. That should have been clear, but it seemed I couldn’t get away from my naive thoughts.  
Somewhere deep down, I was still hoping the world would suddenly get nicer.

This novel slowly goes from a neutral sad tone to gradually tear-jerking sad. The novel is filled with heartwarming moments and such moments that will make you smile. The whole journey between the two-phase is too beautiful and too wonderful.

We never imagine that there could be infinite happiness in everything we have less or more. Let there be little fame, let there be little money, let us be happy.

The value of one’s life could never be determined by anything, not even happiness. What determines is nothing but an acceptance of happiness, sadness, and sufferings in one’s life, and through love, one could make for a life of great value.

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Thanks for the reading. Hope you like the review of the novel “Three days of Happiness” It is a great novel I recommend to everyone to give this novel a try. There’s manga too which you can check out.

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